Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Property Malaysia

Looking for a new condo? Renting a new office lots? Discover Malaysia Property and Real Estate now!

Find everything you need at Property Malaysia .

The website categorized the properties into condominium, house and office respectively. Through each category, you can easily browse through the property you are looking for.

Perhaps you might be interested in Property KLCC and Property Mont Kiara. These two are the top locations from this site.

Personally, I think it’s a useful website for all the information it provides. Instead of merely providing descriptions and photos of the property, Propwall provides us every single detail of the property including the layout, facilities and analysis. Furthermore, you can post up your questions regarding the property, for example: How much is the maintenance fee for K Residence? My advice is, be sure that you don’t make any grammatical and spelling error because I’m gonna laugh at you like how I laughed at some of them who committed the same mistakes. But of course, they will still answer your questions regardless of your terrible English XD

Apart from that, there are classified Ads that posted up Properties For Sale. As I’m someone lazy, I used the mini search column provided and typed in “Platinum”, hoping whatever results from Platinum Hill, Platinum Lake would appear. That’s the condo I’m staying by the way, and they’re building a new lot, and I can’t wait to ask dad to buy one unit! Hello, this is called investment! Teehee. But it seems tat they don’t need anymore advertising. Le sigh.

Wait, I found a special question posted by someone named Kenny:

Does Michelle Yeoh have a unit here? There is rumour that Michelle Yeoh owns a unit at Millennium Tower. I wonder if this is true.

ROFL wtfreak do you intend to stalk her???

Joe was kind enough to have answered him: According to rumour, the condo was actually built by Michelle Yeoh herself. So she is basically the developer, not just a house owner.

Mehhhh. I mean, who cares whether she lives there right? LOL.


Hikaru said...

anyone out there wanted to buy a house? Let me know and I'll introduce u a good housing/morgage loan agent..guarantee give u the best rate..

Copykate said...

hik: lol wtfreak u advertising on my comment box! XD