Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canteen Day

One weekend when I was back in Muar, there happened to be a Canteen Day in my former secondary school. Katie and Jess were still in Malaysia back then, so we decided to pay a visit to Convent.

Look, this is the hall where we sat and gathered everyday. Nothing much has changed. It was dreadful that we had to sit down on the floor without dirtying our pinafore. With stringent rules and uncompromising teachers, our every movement was being speculated. It was funny that instead of feeling nostalgic, Katie and I felt so glad that we are no longer in high school.

School mates whom we met that day. I wasn’t around when Jess took this photo! Jeez. But still, I’m nice enough to post this up. Teehee.

Every year, cotton candy is a must-have. Back then when I was still in school, there was always a long queue at the cotton candy stall.

The stalls were set up under the scorching weather. I could barely open my eyes. And I looked as if I was pointing a middle finger. Wtfreak.

Jess and her ice lemon tea. She’s in UK now! Can you believe that the three of us are separated in different continents now? Jess, if you’re reading this, I miss you! And please get your blog ready soon cause I can’t wait to read the updates of your life over there. Never mind about the lame URL! XD

That’s PMS-ing Katie SMS-ing. LOL.

Oh, on the same day itself, the three of us got food poisoning due to the laksa we ate at some road side stall. I had diarrhoea (brown-coloured looking substance which burnt my anus HAHAHAHA I know the details are unnecessary) and vomited a few times (orangey-yellow-coloured stuff which looked and tasted exactly like laksa. Not that I intentionally tasted my vomit, but it came out from my mouth and passed through my taste buds! At the same time, I saw strands of noodles and chillies in the toilet bowl XD)

Despite the unpleasant food poisoning incident, I had a happy weekend with two of my closest besties.

Will update soon about our girls night out and not forgetting, the last dinner party before Jess’s departure!


Belle Sim said...

hi kate.. just stumble upon your blog. u looked pretty too. btw, where did u get the white shorts? im looking for one since eons ago but can't get a decent one. thanks!

Copykate said...

belle: i got it from my dad's boutique. lol. i guess u can find similar ones in seed or padini! =)

sirei said...

too bad they don't have light blue cotton candy

Copykate said...

sirei: light blue? i haven't seen any before! where to get? lol

sirei said...

erm... the last time i saw is at wangsa maju's carrefour express which is quite expensive >:(

and oh i saw light purple too, but dunno where is it, haha

Copykate said...

sirei: now to thinka bout it, i must have seen it in carrefour express also! didn't pay much attention though. lol