Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artistry @ Bukit Kiara 09

Artistry, how would I miss such a grand event?

After all, it was Artistry that had brought the two of us together. *shy*

Thanks to Nicholas from Nuffnang, we were able to enter the place as VIP, so there was no need to squeeze at the crowded public area.

Free flow, familiar faces, rocking music, we’re good to party.

For now, I shall just post up the photos I have taken with everyone. Teehee.

Debra who was the first few that I met at the entrance.

Rachel and Isabella. Aren’t they gorgeous?

A group shot before making our way in. Howard looking like just another girl XD

Evelyn who was dressed in hot leopard print.

Bernard, since when you got together with Eve? Are Inniters dating among each other? LOL.

Wen Pink looks pretty and sweet all the time.

And not forgetting Steph, the party queen.

Ben. At this point of time, I have second thoughts whether to post up every single pic, as I look the same in all of them. Not cool.

Zues, looking more leng zai than the last time we met.

Jacquelyn. And I still look the same in every pic.

Okay, in case you are sick of my face, let me present you the very gay-looking Hik and Ren.

Jessica parties hard.

Jun and Darren. Felt short and inferior standing next to Jun. LOL.

Hello Ginny.

Couldn’t really recognise Jolin when she said hi. The previous, also the only time we met was during Music Bash.

Nah, now I look different. Gawd, I don’t usually look like a big-headed alien k!

Kenny was there too. Surprised.

Cheesie with her uber-cute hairstyle.

Howzan, one of the Coolerclub members.

It was the first time I met Christine.

Kim looking good that night.

Super gorgeous Natalie.

Raymond and Kelson. And I still look the same despite the exposing teeth.

My greedy little squirrel drank a lot that night. But thank goodness he wasn’t one of those who vomited while parading out through the exit.

A group photo from that night. Looking forward to meeting you people during the next Artistry! =)

I went through all the trouble linking everyone! *faint*


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Actually My name is Kristine. but thanks for linking me up! SUch a sweetheart.. :)

Finally I get to meet the vain fella's gf! hohoho..xD

Copykate said...

solitary rose: oh ya, kristine! LOL. yea he's vain and gayyyyyy. teehee

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Kateee! Or Hikaru's gf? =p kidding!

You looked gorgeous girl in all pictures! =) But yeah, get what you mean. I had the same pose in most of my pictures too T_T

Have a great weekend ahead.

Copykate said...

jacquelyn: better known as copykate than hikaru's gf! LOL.

looks like i've gotta learn more poses before going for the next outing XD

stephanie yen ling kok said...

haha .. no longer party queen :P

Copykate said...

steph: not partying that often now yea? lol

Serge Norguard said...

yay no pix of me

Copykate said...

serge: yay we din take any pix together. lol

Ren said...


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

Jessica parties hard, does Kate party hard too? :P :P

ahahahaha woots :D

Copykate said...

ren: rofl! u can be gay with him for all i care XD

jessica: kate parties like a tame cat! LMAO.

JolynGoh said...

After Hikaru explain d.. then only u know who am I.. XD
without my Pink Wig..
U couldn't recognise me eh.. ^^
Nice meeting u again..

P.S. Im not Jolin Tsai.. "Jolyn"
Thanks for linking me.. =)

Copykate said...

jolyn: ohhh so it's jolyn, not jolin! lol. yea could hardly recognise u without ur trademark wig XD