Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jess's Farewell Dinner

This is a long overdue post. As you are all aware, Jess had left us to London to continue her ACCA on July. So, the weekend before her departure, there was a farewell party in her house, named “The Last Dinner”.

Look, it’s the three of us in our new party dresses! We bought one dress each on the day itself just for the dinner. Teehee.

The usual gang. Isn’t it obvious that the dress code is white?

Thanks to Aunt Pearly who prepared the awesome food and invited us over. The whole farewell thingy was her idea after all, not Jess’s. LOL.

Yummy chicken wing!

The shrimp salad was gone within a few minutes.

Don’t you just feel like taking a bite on the fruit tarts?

Was I the only one who noticed the camera? Because the rest of them are gluttons. LOL.

Jess looking very much like a bimbo! XD

And Katie looked like a bimbo too.

After dinner, I introduced the guys the mafia game. Just in case you dunno the game, it consists of 4 different characters: mafia (murderer), detective/spy, doctor and civilians.

Spot the two mafia. People with their eyes closed were the innocent ones.

Oops, someone had died. The game master (myself) looked amused. LMAO.

Of course I was amused, looking at how they accused at each other. For our group, it had become a game which involves lotsa finger pointing.

Like this.


It was Jess’s party, but why was I sitting in the middle? Don’t I look like the queen, surrounded by my dayang-dayang and eunuchs? XD

The group photo of the night. We miss you Jess! I’ve been checking out whether there’s any update on your new blog. Don’t be lazy! *hug*



jessica said...

oh ya, why were you in the middle anyway? not fair!

Copykate said...

jess: cause u and katie look similar, s i gotta be in the middle to make it symmetrical? XD

Wen Pink said...

ur fren's dining table is very nice..! i mean it.. even though it is not pink.. :P

Copykate said...

wen pink: i agree! in fact everything in her house is nice. like a vacation villa XD