Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phuket - Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa

Last week was my 1-week  mid semester break and I happily spent 4 of those days at Phuket Island!

Booked our flight a month earlier and did some necessary research excitedly as it was my first time to Phuket. I’ve been to Krabi previously but from what I heard, apart from the similar sea and beach, Phuket is a much livelier town with a significant number of tourists especially ang mohs. A more popular holiday destination among the westerners apparently.

There are so many hotels at Patong area to choose from I spent a few days in dilemma! 5 stars hotels are way beyond budget so we had to settle for 4. Eliminated quite a number of hotels that are older than 3 years to avoid moulded smell or bits of broken utilities. You gotta understand even a small crack on the mirror gets on my nerves! Also eliminated those that are too far from the beach. Lazy to walk so far.  Just want to quickly get there and relax.

In the end we chose Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa which was built in 2012! A very new hotel indeed.

The hotel is only 5 minutes away from Patong beach. Super near and convenient! There are Family Mart and 7-11 along the way so you can grab some drinks and snacks before proceeding to the beach.

Nothing impressive to shout out for the resort lobby. But as we were ushered to our room, we felt more and more at ease with the surroundings.

Very happy and satisfied with our Pool Access room. Open the balcony and the pool is right there!!! The view at Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa was breathtaking in the day time. Our balcony was overlooking the sky, the sea and Patong beach. That explains the name of the resort! Teehee.

It’s not a private pool though. Can’t expect much when we’re only paying RM1300 for 3 nights. It’s shared by 6 rooms altogether but lucky for us the pool was deserted every time we used it so technically it’s our private pool! Very fortunate to have gotten the corner room which allows for more privacy ^^

Beautiful view at night too.

We bought Chang beer from Family mart (30 baht!!! RM3), Thai pork cup noodles that tastes 100x better than our local maggi and some barbequed food from the street vendor. Enjoyed our food in the pool with music from the Sea View Restaurant upstairs. Awesome night!

Basic facilities are provided in the room including bath robe, towel, shower cap, cotton bud, shampoo etc. No toothpaste and hairdryer though. We bought our toothpaste from the hotel mart located on the first floor. They sell a variety of stuff albeit a tad bit pricier than those selling outside.

Bath tub was also one of the criteria I looked for while choosing our room! Who would miss the chance to soak in the bath tub after one tiring day? XD

Like the reviews I read online, the only short fall of the resort is the many lifts we have to go through before reaching our room. We had to use 2 lifts while some had to use 3. But it didn’t really matter because there was beautiful garden set up to see along the way. The reason behind this is because the resort is built on the hill and is tsunami proof as claimed. LOL.

The Sea View Restaurant is on Level 5 from which the scenery is even better.

The public pool is right next to it.

Oh did I forget to mention that upon arrival you’ll be given a welcome drink voucher which you can claim once anytime throughout your stay. We redeemed our drinks from the resort bar downstairs on one of the days.

One does not simply visit Thailand without getting a massage!

We made our reservation for a 90-minute session aromatherapy massage at the spa centre located in Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa.
There are so many packages to choose from! Ours cost 1500 baht each which to be honest is the most expensive thing we spent on during that trip. Of course there are many other massage parlour out there with average price of 300 baht but they kinda lose out on appearance. LOL.

Look, they can massage you outdoor also! You know like those holiday massage scene you see in movies! But actually the place is more for display only lah because the weather is too hot and humid no one in the right mind would go lie there and get rubbed for 60 minutes wtf. The air-conditioned massage rooms are available downstairs!

90 minutes of soothing music and awesome oil massage! It was sooooooooooooo comfortable I even fell asleep halfway and drooled :x

Cookies and ginger tea was served after the massage.

Overall it was a great experience and the 1500 baht was definitely worthwhile!

That’s my review on Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa, Phuket. If you’re considering this resort for your Phuket trip, just search for the price and other reviews on Tripadvisor.com. I did most of the research from Agoda but booked the room from Booking.com cause the rate there was cheaper than Agoda. Don’t forget to compare the rates before making your decision!

That’s all for now. Will blog about the food and island tour soon! :)


bacterium said...

Still studying? You are like studying forever! Going for PhD or what?

Phuket has lots of nice villas and hotels, but I still prefer Bali.

Copykate said...

bacterium: student life is awesome XD

oh yea i'm going to bali this coming august. still choosing which villa to stay though. any recommendation? teehee

ahlost said...

Wow.. nice review on this hotel.. and your picha in the pool is so sexay >.<

Copykate said...

ahlost: aww thanks! I've got many more nicer photos at the beach. will post them up soon XD

HenRy LeE said...

the room looks pretty great wor... wah eat minced pork instant noodle some more... why malaysia no sell? :(

Hilda Milda™ said...

So nice that you get to have your own private pool, can soak whole day in the pool :D

Choi Yen said...

I can't believe you only paid 1500baht for this awesome hotel!

Chuen said...

Hotel looks great! Missing the thai massage and also their instant noodles...

Copykate said...

Henry: they sell plenty of pork instant noodles there!! wish i could bring back some but luggage was too full :(

Hilda: indeed! we used the pool for quite a few times throughout our stay XD

Choi Yen: nono, the hotel costs RM1300 for 3 nights as stated. so around RM400+ per night. teehee

Chuen: yea thai massage is awesome! and their instant noodles tastes so much better than those awful ones in malaysia! cheap too!

Xue Ren said...

oops! who's that sexy girl in the pool? looking great there kate! :)

Copykate said...

Xue Ren: aww thanks! *flattered*

Kian Fai Koh said...

nais and relaxing! so when u check in that time was evening already is it? XD

Copykate said...

Kian Fai: yea exactly! no choice, cause that was the cheap flight timing ~

TheJessicat said...

Wah I damn miss Phuket d

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YoongLIm said...

Look Great! Nice reviews, nice photo, and sexy girl in the pool.