Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Phuket - Patong Beach

If you ask your friends what they think about a trip to Phuket, chances are you’re gonna get 2 completely different answers. One might think it’s a great vacation paradise with absolutely beautiful sceneries, another might think it’s just another overrated tourist destination which is highly commercialized. For me, the main intention of this vacation was to have some long relaxed time, and with its beautiful beach and cooling seawater, Phuket was definitely the right place.

If you’re planning a trip there, remember to book a hotel which is of walking distance from the beach. That way you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged by taxi or tuk-tuk drivers. We had our 4 days 3 nights stay at Sea Sun Sand Hotel located 5 minutes away from the beach and 10 minutes way from Jungceylon Shopping Complex and Bangla Road. Read my review here.

Along the street heading to the beach, you would pass by Family Mart and 7-11. Go grab some snacks and drinks first so you don’t have to make another trip from the beach. Of course, there are ice-cold Coke and beer selling at the beach but more than double the price from the mart of course. A glass bottle of Coke is only 10 Baht from the mart, which is like RM1!!! Can you believe it???

Spotted some cool One Piece beverages.

While heading out the mart, there was this cool-looking young ang moh guy who touched my hand and smiled at me despite the fact that I was walking next to my boy -__- Not proud!!! He probably thought I was a Thai girl lo, you know the kind who provides massage service wtf.

Once you step onto Patong beach, you’ll see ang moh sun tanning on the beach chairs. Nothing much is going on at the beach as everyone is just lying down and sun tanning.

A beautiful sunny day. At Patong beach, all you could hear is the sound of the distant waves hitting against the shore.

Some tanned-skinned Thai boys would come to you and ask if you would like to rent a beach chair for 100 Baht. That’s a reasonable price I would say, considering you can lie there for as long as you want. If you didn’t bring your own towel, there are towels for rent at 100 Baht each also.

Tanning oil, not mine obviously. All I needed was sun block lotion.

Once in a while there would be locals walking by trying to sell you stuff like sarongs, snacks and souvenirs. They would always quote you expensive price so remember to bargain if you decide to buy something! But of course don’t be too ridiculous la, these people work so hard under the crazy weather, they need to earn enough to eat and drink also.

Didn’t intend to buy anything but then I saw this really beautiful 3-tone elephant print sarong! The lady asked for 390 Baht but I managed to bargained it for 200 Baht :)

I totally looked like a Thai girl wearing that sarong! LOL.

Spent about 4 hours at the beach. I know 4 hours might sound crazy considering we didn’t rent a jet ski boat or something. But lying at the beach doing nothing is just something I really enjoy.

It’s really hot there, but not the KL city kind of hot since there was cooling sea breeze that neutralized the effect XD

Well there was this once we spotted a few Chinese walking by. But guess what, one of them was holding an umbrella! A man some more! HAHAHAHAHA. I think the ang mohs must be thinking siao one these people come to the beach with an umbrella.

Then I was thinking if Asians don’t come to the beach, what could they be doing? I guess they must be doing something that they thought could be more fun and worthy like island tour and ATV adventure etc. I went for island tour the day after (will blog about it next) but the other adventurous activities like jungle trekking, ATV, bungee jumping and stuff were just not my kind of thing.

Was checking out the island tour brochures I picked up from the road side stalls. It was then I found a reasonable-priced one and decided to go for it. The others were such rip-offs lo 2500-3500 Baht per person. Insane.

Check out my sea-themed manicure! Before the trip he actually tried to persuade me not to do it, saying that it would get damaged easily at the beach. But you know when it comes to fashion, you should never ever listen to a guy’s opinion! (unless he’s gay of course) Luckily I did it else my pictures would be imperfect. Teehee.

Then during the island tour, I noticed all the Asians on the boat did their manicure! LOLOLOL seriously, every single one of them!

Sometimes it got too hot, made us sweat and all so we went into the water and soaked for a while. He was quite annoyed with me because every time when the wave was too strong I got scared and screamed wtf =x

Patong beach, how I miss its beauty and serenity.

I love Phuket! How about you? :)


Jackie Loi said...

i also wanna go T.T so niceeee

Kian Fai Koh said...

hahahaha when I read "I love Phuket! How about you? :)"

and I nearly type "I Love You!" XD

Kian Fai Koh said...

anyways, the brand with "banana" is useless for sunblock la XD

Copykate said...

Jackie: Save up and go! Not much to spend there actually. Pretty affordable ^^

Kian Fai: LOLLLL thanks! Yea it's only SPF 8. He used it for tanning anyway :/

Toto Kho said...

you make me wanna go Phuket so badly!! hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

dahlin you're so hot hot hot!!!

Copykate said...

Toto: make it your next destination! XD

Anonymous: aww thank you ^^

Henry Tan said...

wow u make me feel like going to beach addd!

Chuen said...

Wow the sarong is really pretty ^^ Haha...we asians are exposed to sun everyday! But it's nice to sit under the shade and relax at the neach :D

Maple Shuh Hong said...

yea, I am really impress with the 3 tones elephant print's sarung.

Copykate said...

Henry: i know, i feel like going back too after looking back at these photos!

Chuen: thank you! it was the prettiest among the other sarongs there XD yep, it's really nice to just lie down and enjoy the breeze :)))

Maple: thank you thank you! ^^

YoongLIm said...

Okie, just set it as next trip XD