Thursday, March 14, 2013

T.G.I.Friday's, Sunway Pyramid

Here’s a backdated food post, just cause my life is so boring now idk what to blog anymore (excuses). Oh well I still update  my instagram regularly! From which you can see more pictures of food rather than photos of myself XD

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Go to sleep every night thinking of what to eat the next day. And when I wake up the next day I think of what to eat too because I couldn’t make a decision the night before. FML.

Most of the time I just let fate decide. Like the time we hung out at Pyramid and randomly passed by TGIF.

Such indulgence for a casual meal on an ordinary day! On my self defence, it was 21st of December aka the end of the world. HAHA told you it was a backdated post! So yea, I guess we had a valid reason for celebration since we were still alive. Or perhaps the last dinner before dooms XD

Started off our meal with the great appetizer platter that consists of fried mozzarella cheese, buffalo wings, celery and potato skin. Quite a sinfully big portion for the 2 of us considering it was only an appetizer. 

Absolutely love everything on the plate! (except the celery la, who loves celery anyway T_T)

Osso Bucco – fall-off the bone tender lamb slow roasted with vegetables and plum tomato sauce served over Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes (RM36.90)

Settled for this because there was no more grilled lamb. It was very tender indeed, but it didn’t impress me since I wasn’t a big fan of overcooked lamb. Always prefer medium cooked ones which are more chewy.

Ribeye Steak – with damn healthy sides (RM52.90)

Medium-cooked, juicy and rich in flavor. Stole many bites of the steak because it was too damn good.

Nom nom nom, so much to finish, so little space in tummy.

Full and contented. And chubbier wtf.

T.G.I.Friday’s Sunway Pyramid
Address: Lot OB3-F-1, F-2 & F2.92,
First Floor,
Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03- 5635 3780


ahlost said...

chubbier meh? hahaha.. still very pretty ler.. :)

Copykate said...

ahlost: definitely chubbier! can't stand my face i have to thinnify it with meitu xiuxiu all the time. LOL