Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hard Rock Café Melaka

Earlier this year before our trip to Singapore, we stopped by Melaka for a night as mentioned in my Nadeje blog post . Coincidently Hard Rock Café had just opened for a week or so that time, so we decided to pay a visit (and also to show off that we’re one of the cool people who first knew of its existence XD)

Yes, for those who aren’t aware, there is already a Hard Rock Café at Melaka strategically located next to the river bank near the Jonker Street!

It was quite a great feeling watching Hard Rock Café from across the river. The cooling breeze, the ever-welcoming neon signboard, the enthusiastic faces of the tourists and the passing by of the locals, oblivious of how beautiful a small town they dwell in.

Entered the café at 9pm to catch the live band. As expected, there was already a long queue formed at the entrance once we arrived. With Hard Rock Café being an established chain yet being all fresh and new in town, I’m sure both the locals and the foreigners are excited to pay their visit.

Not sure whether this is the usual policy or only applicable to that particular branch, but everyone has to order and pay for a drink each to be granted entry. I guess it’s their way of preventing freeloaders XD

Saw quite a few tables of locals dining there.

The 2-storey design of Hard Rock Café. Lookie, the soundman is upstairs! *waves* XD

Gotta love the wall decos.

We chose a table right at the front near the stage. The bigger tables behind were meant for diners anyway.

Apple Cider costs RM26 each if I’m not mistaken. That’s RM30+ after tax and service charge T_T

But no complaints, since the band that night was great. For that price we paid we got to enjoy their awesome live band performance, worth it! :)

Rock Shop is located next to the entrance.

Plenty of Hard Rock merchandise. At premium price :(

Bought a shot glass for the fun of it. LOL. Nola, it was actually meant as a small gift for someone I was gonna meet in Singapore. I figured shot glass was not merely something useful but also an easy thing to carry in my handbag.

The washroom was quite pleasant too. Very clean and new (of course I wouldn’t expect anything less since it was newly opened). There were vintage photographs of old artist hanging all over the wall.

Left Hard Rock around 12am as we were exhausted after a long day. By that time the band had stopped playing after which some guests started dancing to the mambo jambo music.

Hard Rock Café Melaka
Address: No. 28, Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Tel: 06- 292 5188


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i havent been there before :) but it looks much nicer than hard rock kl. haha!

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Maple Shuh Hong said...

okay, thx you for ur infor, will try to drop by if I have money in my pocket =)