Monday, February 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces of CNY 2013

Chinese New Year is over. Time to say bye to those annoying tong tong long tong chiang music and get back to the reality. Ready for another year of hard work?

A photo of me to start this post with. I know you’ve missed my face ^^

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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’ve bought an iPhone 5 right before CNY! Got it from Singtel thanks to a friend who wanted the data but didn’t want the awesome phone. I had been a loyal Blackberry user before this so yea, this is my first ever iPhone!

Loving the phone so far. Instagram, photo editing app, games and stuff which I couldn’t access using my BB before this. The following photos you see are all taken with the iPhone 5! Very good quality, I don’t even need to carry my camera around anymore. LOL. The bad thing is, I’m so occupied with the iPhone I kinda neglected my blog :(

Lookie, found a uber cute Hello Kitty casing! XD *bimbo mode on*

Acting cute to match the phone casing LOLOLOL.

My CNY nails. Thought my fingernails weren’t long enough so I didn’t do gel nails. The colours on my fingernails have faded off now. One of my uncles commented that this design really resembles his koi fish! XD

Some home-cooked food at grandma’s on CNY eve. I have to confess, I ate too many pieces of that cold sliced abalone. It was just so yummy! Love the sea cucumber too despite their obscene appearance wtf (before they were cut). The steamboat wasn’t quite picture worthy so I didn’t include it. Teehee.

Since 2 years ago, every CNY eve after dad finishes work, my family and I would take a photo together, then compare the changes from the previous years. Obviously I have the least changes lo since I’ve aged past my puberty and I rarely change my hairstyle (such a boring person I know). My bro evolved the most. He looks so much like my dad now even stranger could easily identify their relationship.

Anyway, I LMAO-ed when Gigi commented that dad looks like a poodle in that photo! Couldn’t agree better! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

2012 – I was the tallest! Hohoho. Fake height, cause I was wearing this super high heels I bought from Seoul. My South Korea trip was right before CNY so that year I really bothered dressing up after seeing all the fashionable girls there. Dad and his ajumma hair -.- Nick looked terrible with that hair.

2011 – wah look at my dad, Ed Hardy style rock star?? Can’t stand mum’s big raven black hair. Pris was wearing eyeliner?! Oh wait, I think I was the one who drew the eyeliner on her wtf. Gigi was still a kid! LOL. What the heck was I wearing?! Seriously -.- And HAHAHAHAHA Nick looked like an idiot! Dunno where the heck he was looking LOLOLOL.

Okay la, enough of self-entertainment writing useless comments on the appearance of each of my family wtf.

Didn’t feel like wearing red on the first day of CNY this year so I wore a cream colour top instead. Spome of you asked whether I’ve become fairer / my skin has become better, but really, it’s just the wonder of Meitu Xiuxiu T_T

大年初一 OOTD:

Cream fringe top – Levin
Dip-dye denim shorts – Attack
Studded duo tone flats – Forever 21
Suede bag – F Block
Aviator - Mango
Gold necklace – Diva

Group picture with all my cousins (except 2 who came late and 1 who is studying at Nottingham). Walau do I look like their mum or what?!

A pic with my cousin of the same age aka my childhood play mate. We used to spend every single day at grandma’s together! :)))

A candid shot with baby Jocelyn, my youngest cousin who just turned 2 years old this CNY. So adorable in her pink tutu dress! It’s so funny cause every time when anyone asks her 最美?Who’s the prettiest? She’ll answer 大姐最美!Da jie is the prettiest! HAHAHAHA don’t even need to guess who is this da jie. I have taught her well XD

Headed to Batu Pahat to mum’s side on the second day of CNY.

大年初二 OOTD:

Red dress – Levin
Red heels – Mixit
Speedy Damier – Louis Vuitton
Necklace – Chanel
Thorny hairband – borrowed from sis

Lunch at Kia Bee Restaurant on the 3rd day of CNY. It’s quite a famous restaurant at my taman frequently visited by big bosses. So near from my house, but I had never been there before! Jeez. The pomfret fish porridge was not bad but quite pricey (RM55 for 5).

Valentine’s Day OOTD:

Fuchsia pink top – a boutique in Muar
Heart printed chiffon skirt – Attack
Turquoise necklace – Diva
Charm bracelet – Asian Avenue
Ostrich skin bag – F Block

Sold the pink top and the chiffon skirt to a reader right after. LOL.

It was just a normal dinner with a friend since my Valentine wasn’t around. Nothing fancy, no candlelit, Italian dinner or anything but just a lovely meal at Watami Japanese Restaurant.

The RM150 Valentine set. But after that we decided we could use more sashimi so we placed an additional order for the scallop, prawn and salmon assorted sashimi from the ala carte menu.

My new Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Neverfull  has arrived from London!!! *happy*

Hermes bracelet from my Valentine. Thank you love!!!

European lobsters and Australian crabs during dinner with his family. The amount was kinda too much I didn’t dare to eat prawn for days. FML.

Look at the thickness of the crab roe!!! Freaking awesome meal!!!

Lastly, kissu from 太保。

That’s all for my CNY 2013 update. Hope you had a great one!



Saimnicy Kim said...

Gosh!!I love you outfit so much~~
And you are so GORGEOUS*blush*

benjamin vai said...

tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang tong tong long tong chiang

i baru saw a hermes catalogue today. -_-. I am gonna spit on it when i see it . -_-

Anonymous said...

hi Kate! I'm Jovian, a loyal reader of your blog.. Do you know any place in Bangsar which does mani-pedi for a resonable price but does a good job?

Fion ☮ said...

first time visiting your blog, you have a wonderful fashion sense. love your outfits!! ^^ will be tracking your blog every now and then from now onwards hehe :3