Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lou Sang Dinner @ The Royal Flush Restaurant

Happy Chinese New year everyone! I hope you’ve fully enjoyed the past whole week! I’ve been so busy sending my CNY wishes, receiving ang pao, gambling and eating all the luxurious Chinese food which resulted in the lack of update here. Meanwhile I’ve also gotten Instagram (like finally?) so yea, spending more time on my new iPhone 5 instead of my Macbook. Do follow mscopykate on Instagram! http://instagram.com/mscopykate

If you’re thinking where to have your CNY dinner, consider The Royal Flush Restaurant! Located at Ara Damansara, The Royal Flush is a new lakeside restaurant in town with outstanding exterior with exquisite design. One look at the stand-alone building and you would think you’ve been transported back to the olden China days.

The man-made lake right in the centre that separates two rows of the shops.

Some of our fellow MHB girls who were present for the lou sang dinner that night.

Magnificent doors painted in bright red. Wait a sec, which dynasty are we at? ^^

OOTN. Oh yea, there are quite a few interesting paintings in the restaurant.

First time wearing my pretty pearl bow earrings.

Jane, Karen and I doing what we do best XD

Our lou sang session was indeed an unforgettable scene. Can you imagine 20 over girls screaming for nothing at the same time??? *shrugs* It was a epicly fun experience no doubt!

The first dish served was the appetizer – Salmon flakes wrapped in fried wantan skin

A great appetizer indeed. Totally triggered our taste buds and kept us wanting for more. What’s more the amount of salmon inside was just right. 

Grilled Cod Fish - topped with onion rings

One of my favourite dish that night. Aside from the sweet sauce on the cod fish itself, there is wasabi sauce that goes quite well with the fish. For a delicious dish like this, I wish the portion could be more generous.

Next up was Dim Sum Combination – fishball, siew mai and xiao long bao

A rather ordinary dim sum dish. Enjoyed the fish ball but I guess it tasted too “fishy” for some of the girls. I could use a little bit of fish taste though :P

Twin Cold Combination – dried oyster and sliced abalone on top of cucumber and topped with cherry tomatoes

The biggest dried oyster I have eaten yet!!! It’s twice the size of those mum used to mix in porridge! Some of the girls that night weren’t used to eating dried oysters so I took an extra share XD Absolutely love the abalone too. This dish is supposedly an appetizer.

Grilled Scallop Bacon – a scallop wrapped with bacon

The same sauces that were used on the cod fish. Yum yum, we all enjoyed this!

Grilled Pork Ribs

The largest portion among all other dishes that night. Tender and delicious, the pork ribs are just too damn good! I wish we could get more of these anywhere in Malaysia. Best of the night!

Asparagus – topped with bonito flakes.

Nothing exciting about the asparagus. They tastes like. . asparagus. LOL

Abalone Fried Rice – served with abalone and bacon bits.

We all got a small abalone each! *satisfied* By the time most of us were too full to finish the rice.

Crystal Peanut Dumpling. Didn’t eat this so no comment.

Last but not least, Double Boiled Bird’s Nest as our dessert. Thumbs up to that!

Full menu as follow:

Price: RM1200 nett for 10 pax

Look at our happy faces! Good food, great atmosphere, awesome company, what more can we ask for? :)))

All of us with Tim and the bosses of The Royal Flush Restaurant.

Wishing you health and prosperity throughout the water snake year!

The Royal Flush Restaurant
Address: Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A ,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 012-2997598

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