Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday!

Officially 21 and legal.

Happy birthday to me! This year is a big one. After all that anticipation, the moment finally arrived. They say once you turn 21, you would be old and grumpy and depressed. But for me, I was overwhelmed by excitement! I have never really thought how being 21 would feel like. But right now, I’m so happy that I’ve finally reached that age, and I certainly look forward to all the great things life would offer me from this point onwards!

Thank you so much for all the wishes! My BB has been beeping once every 5 seconds since 12am. Keep all the wishes coming! I do read every single one of them. They really make me smile and warm my hearts. I’m so touched knowing that I’ve got you guys who love me and care for me. Really appreciate it! :)

Meanwhile, here’s a surprise in my mail box the other day. A letter from down under! I could recognized Katie’s beautiful handwriting at once. Previously she asked me for address saying that she bought something online for herself. Such a good liar I didn’t suspect anything! But apparently it was a birthday card for me filled with all her love! So happy and touched when I read it, I would have burst out in tears if I weren’t in the lecture hall. Teehee.


And not forgetting, my very first birthday present this year! It was a surprise at 12am from Sammy. I would have never expected him to give me anything at that precise moment, especially not something wrapped with such cheesy wrapper. It was really sweet and touching! He even wrote me the sweetest birthday wish on his wall! *blushes*


In case you miss me, here’s a photo of me with erm. . pizza. Wtfreak.


Let's cut the crap and continue the party! XD

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Anonymous said...

happy 21st birthday <3