Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Hollywood Waxing Experience @ Waxxx

Recently, there have been so many Brazilian wax deals being promoted by coupon deals companies. My friend, Jol Wee who works in Dealmates had been bugging me to do a Brazilian wax, even though she herself hasn’t done it before! To be honest, Brazilian wax sounds like a very exotic and unconventional kind of experience and I never thought I would actually do it. But thanks to Waxxx, I had my very first memorable waxing experience!


Located at Aman Suria, Waxxx offers a trendy ambience and excellent top-notch service. All waxes and accessories and imported from Australia.


In conjunction with their new opening, Waxxx is giving 40% discount for every customer on one body part! So if you wanna try out waxing, this is no doubt the best time and the best place!


I opted for leg waxing at first, but was eventually persuaded to do Hollywood waxing – removing every single strand of hair off my private part! I was extremely terrified to be honest. I couldn’t imagine peeling hot wax off my hairy pubes! The sight of the equipment already made me shivered.


That’s me getting ready to be executed waxed. Wtfreak.


Contrary to my fear, Hollywood waxing wasn’t that painful after all. It actually felt good getting rid of the unpleasant bush down south. The after effect was clean and cooling. Compared to shaving that merely lasts for 2 days, waxing can last you for up to 2 weeks! Which means you can admire your silky smooth baby-like pussy for up to 2 weeks! HAHA.


Okay at this point I know what you guys would probably request. No, I won’t be showing you any of my after-waxed photo -.-

Me and the girls from Waxxx. On my right Ms. Nentze, the owner of Waxxx, on my left Kelly, the co-owner of Waxxx who did an amazing job on my (?). Teehee.


Whoever says waxing is only for girls? Guys do it too! If you wanna know how a guy feels getting his testicles waxed, head on to Sam’s blog as he'll be posting up his experience soon! XD


If you think that bald guy looks familiar, look at this billboard back from 2008!


Apparently he’s David Tan, the guy who spent RM40K on the billboard marriage proposal! And Kelly, the one we addressed as the lucky girl back then is the owner of Waxxx like I’ve mentioned. Not only I received a complementary waxing session, I had the opportunity to meet this famous couple too! Best day ever! LOL.

Kelly and fellow bloggers who received the complementary waxing session.


Don’t forget to like Waxxx on Facebook. For any inquiries, call the number below or send an email to


Now that I’ve got my pubes waxed, the next shall be my legs. Oh, did I forget to mention that they also do permanent hair reduction? That means after each waxing service, there will be less hair growing the next time. Awesome!

You can call me along if you’re visiting Waxxx! Trust me, you’ll not regret it as both the process and result are definitely worth while! :)


Anonymous said...

how much for the hollywood?

lazybastard said...

I just purchased a voucher from ilovediscounts for a 50% off brazillian wax at waxxx aman suria. Since I live very near to that area, i've actually passed that place and had been thinking to go there to give it a try. The interior was very nice, but later I found out that the service is nothing compare to other waxing boutique such as Strip or Honeypot.

I requested to add with an upper lip wax. So the girl who was my therapist decided to do that treatment first before the Brazillian. When she did my upper lip, it was already sooo painful! I've never experienced upper lip waxing as painful as that. When i told that to her, she said that it's because the duration from my previous waxing treatment was too long. I just kept quiet, thinking that it would get better.

When she got to my bottom part,, OMG! the way she did it was soooo rough! It was sooo painful and it take sooo long just to finish half part! Everytime I did it at Strip or HOneypot, it would only took 30mins to complete the whole treatment! but even after 2 hrs she hadn't even finish!
The wax she put on my skin was too hot! and it was burning my skin. When i told her this, she said that it's a standard temperature at waxxx and she couldn't do anything with it. So she just left me with that painful burning feeling.

Finally I decided to ask her to stop the treatment because I couldn't stand the pain. She insisted to continue and did not even listen to my complain! Until i really shouted to ask her to stop! Only then she stopped and put a soothing gel on my skin. Which was already too late because my skin was already irritated.

She called the manager in. I passed her all the complain. But even she did not listen and could not do anything. USELESS!

Then they told me to talk to her boss. A chinese arrogant lady who doesn;t even know how to treat her customer. She didn't appologize and did not even look sorry at all! She just called the therapist who did my treatment and she asked me to complain in front of her. USELESS!!!!

I left with a very upset feeling with my bottom part painful for the rest of the day. I regret trying that place and would not go there again! Seriously from now on, I will only go to Strip or Honeypot.

Justine Cricks said...

I have been waxing my regularly, which is no biggie. It is a different story for my bikini line though. I was with my friends when I first tried it. And to tell you the truth, we still managed to smile even though we're in pain. We were all satisfied with the result! It's one of the pains worth a try if you ask me. I got used to the pain and discomfort eventually. And today, I regularly visit our local waxing salon whenever I need some trimming.