Monday, June 2, 2008

Project Trafford

Hello people! This is another Nuffnang related post! Oh gosh, I have been so obsessed with Nuffnang, don’t you think? But hey, you can’t deny the fact that the merely 1-year-old company has a lot to offer. And good things just keep coming in! =)

Now, I’m sure everybody has read about the Top Secret Project in Nuffnang’s blog here. Many feedbacks and comments were received from the community for that particular entry. True enough, every Nuffnangers have been really excited about the secret project. But out of 200 people who submitted their email, only 40 bloggers were chosen. And guess what? I’m one of the lucky blogger! Teehee. Tell me tell me why am I so lucky? XD

As the chosen ones, our very first job is to reveal the top secret project to everyone out there. Ok now, tell me that this post is not mundane like some boring food review! X((( Come on, don’t you want to know the secret??? Then read on! Now I sound like a desperate grandma. Teehee.

Seriously, I have no idea what TRAFFORD is.

Yea, what on earth is Trafford???

I think it sounds like a trishaw brand. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oops. Tell me I’m not gonna be eliminated for making fun of the name =x

Alright, let the smart aleck explain to you.

The mission of Project Trafford is to promote Mister Potato's Contest which enables the winners a free trip to Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils Manchester United. Each group of 6, including the group leaders have to discuss and present a game plan strategy. As for our reward for the game plan strategy post, $$$ we gotta keep it confidential! =P Of course, the winning team will get something more than that! So, soon you’ll see our entries that served to promote Mister Potato! More info can be found on

Basically, the 40 bloggers chosen are divided into 8 teams, each led by a superb group leader. Let me present you my lovely team members! Please click to show your support! =)))

1. Kate from

-smarter than she looks
-a very kind and helpful friend indeed XD XD XD

(meh, i even need to introduce myself?)

2. Touge king from

-a touge enthusiast
-wtfreak is touge? Bean sprout???
-I don’t get it =/

(duh, this is not him. How can a touge guy be that hot? Teehee)

3. Angelicassie from

-obviously a bimbo like me
-oh man, you have to see her blog header! LOL.

4. David from

-quite an active member in Innit
-for ages I thought royalshortness was a short girl before I discovered that the name is David -.-
-balloon makes him happy wtfreak

5. Charles from

-omg he’s hawtttttttt!!!!!!!
-I have a hottie in my group!!!
-canadian born Chinese really bo???
-but he is obviously still in high school!!!
-wtfreak so sad X(

Our team leader is none other than Cheesie from! Isn’t this exciting? We get to work on the project together with Cheesie! XD

Anyway, if you have any brilliant idea, please don’t hesitate to share with us! We’re trying to figure out a creative way to promote Mister Potato!

And and, I want to go to Trafford! Who cares where on earth it is located. I just want to go! Teehee.

Am I talking like a bimbo again? Jeez. I want to win this k!


N!ck said...

Good luck :)

Copykate said...

nick, thanks! u too =)

angeliCassie said...

hehe wow you got it done di..and HAHA i'm smarter than i you too...weeeeeeee looking forward to working with you!

Copykate said...

angelicassie, hello team member! yea, hopefully we can come out with something great XD

Simon Seow said...

Lady Boss Ringo vs my Lady Boss Nicole eh. lol. My group here.

David Cheong said...

LOL like that also can. But I think I look awesome but wtf had to be the balloon picture lah hahahaha...

wait, i dun remember posting that up hmmm, oh i know. You got it from Joshua's blog is it?

that reminds me, i still have not blogged about that yet sigh..

Copykate said...

simon, are you promoting your group on my blog or something? jeez

Copykate said...

david, i got it from facebook! it's a hilarious pic! my favourite XD

jcjessjessiejessica said...


Copykate said...

jess, what kinda comment is that??? wtfreak -.-

SherryMint said...

congrats! good luck kate!!!

Copykate said...

sherry, thanks a lot! XD

sarahmarilyn said...

Old Trafford is sucha boring place to go (excluding the sentimental values - if u're a big fan of MU, then it's different lah), but anyway goodluck!

Copykate said...

sarahmarilyn, but still, it's manchester! and it's free! lol

anyway, i'm not going. my job is only to teach people how to win it XD