Saturday, June 21, 2008

Made of Honour @ JW Marriott

Made of Honour event at JW Marriot Hotel by Hong Leong Bank and Columbia Tristar.

Remember the fishing game? Fortunately I managed to get into the top 40 winner list and went for the 8 course meal that night.

The dashing partner =)

Did I tell you that I’m getting sick of my camera? Below are some pictures credited to David the bunny.

The most awesome part of the event was the free flow of whiskey and champagne served throughout the night.

The menu.

Pineapple Chutney with Smoked Duck, Seared Tiger Prawn with Tomato Salsa enhanced with Kerabu Mangga.
The first dish, which was one my favourite dishes. It resembles the first dish served during Chinese wedding dinner, except in an individual portion. I like the duck meat especially!

Shredded Chicken with Bamboo Pith Soup.
I didn’t know bamboo would taste that yummy! I finished the bowl of soup in no time =)

Sauteed Julienne of Seafood with Curried Mushroom Cream Sauce served in Yam Ring.
A pretty interesting dish. I would say it was rather good.

Steamed Seabass with Thai Sauce accompanied with Chinese Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice.
I was excited by the sight of the fish when the waiter served the dish. However, it didn’t turn out as expected. The fish wasn’t fresh at all. In fact, it tasted so horrible that I was having a hard time finishing it. Even the rice was so-and-so. I would rather eat my home made rice dumpling.

Roasted Chicken Parcel on Pencil Asparagus served with Percik Sauce.
Hate the chicken. I took 3 bites and left the rest on the plate. Perhaps the previous dish had ruined my appetite. Or maybe I’m not a chicken-person after all. Wtfreak.

Saffron Risotto with Buttered Baby Carrot.
Yucky. Terrible. Can someone tell me what on earth is Saffron Risotto made of? An Italian food, isn’t? Tasted like barf. I observed that I wasn’t the only one who was nauseated by this dish. Almost the whole table found the taste sickening. Hikaru, the picky boy just left the whole dish aside. At least I finished the cute-looking baby carrots! XD

Chocolate Moist Cake with Fruits Coulis Tropical Fresh Fruits served with Haagen-Dazs!!!
OMG that was the best ever dish of the night! I felt as if I was in paradise. Soon, I forgot all about the previous yucky dishes I had. And all of a sudden, my mind was soothed, and everything seemed to be calm and happy again.

Another glance at the heavenly dish. Wish we could have more!

Coffee or tea?

Of course, there were performances and games organized to spark up the event.

Fashion show.

The champion team for the talented couple competition. Can you believe that they are 14 and 9???

This is what they do during Scottish traditional wedding. It was shown during a scene in the movie.

Girls rule! Me, Sherry, Jane and Steph. I love this picture!

With Ren the pimp XD

Me, Kelz, David and Sheng Mae.

Tim the boss.

Me and Aaron. My eyes so sepet geh???

The pic of me and Joshua Ong which appeared in Nuffnang’s blog.

Uncle Josh and I in white.

A group picture in which everyone looks nice =)

After the event ended in JW Marriott, we proceeded to Pavilion for the movie screening. It was so cool having the guards controlling the traffic and leading the way for us. What’s more, how often do you get to see so many hundreds of men in coat walking simultaneously towards the cinema? For once I felt like a real VIP! =)

Oh, did I mention that each of us got a goodie bag? It’s a paper bag with the picture of “Made of Honour” printed with lotsa goodies inside (mostly for commercial and advertising purpose lol)

It was an enjoyable night after all =)


David Cheong said...

LOL waa waa waaa, everybody looks so nice, LOL!

Hopefully we all can go for another formal dinner like this again haha!

The risotto is actually made from rice, butter, milk and something, I think cheese ar. I don't know, I didnt finish it as well!


Copykate said...

david, cause u have good photography skill! lol

i think i've tried risotto in a hotel buffet before. but it tasted much better than this!

hope there will be another similar event in the future! cool XD

~YM~ said...

agreed on the fish and chicken, they taste foul.

I kinda like the rissotto though, kinda creamy, but the way they put it like shit or puke.

The moist cake is too hard and not moist, and the ice-cream rather bland..hmph..

Benjamin Chuah said...

Seems like this made of honor dinner is really very superbly interesting..

Should have at least put some effort in phishing XD

Copykate said...

ben, certainly! everybody was so looking forward to this event! u didn't even try, did u? lol

Copykate said...

ym, yea i agree that the moist cake was kinda hard. but it tasted really good with the ice-cream! teehee

SJ said...

You look gorgeous on that day :) LoL :D

Copykate said...

sj, really? thank you! XD but we didn't take pic yea? X(

Seizhin said...

How fun, and yes, I agree that kate looks so gorgeous on those picture!

Copykate said...

oh thanks seizhin! i look good because of the dslr XD

Simon Seow said...

Hmm...why there's no mention of me? I took a pic with you ga wor.

Copykate said...

simon, i couldn't find any pic of u and me =/