Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Carnival @ 1U

Robb: Kate, do you consider yourself as a princess?
Kate: Emm. . Yea I guess? Why???
Robb: Are you interested in dressing up as a princess?
Kate: OMG absolutely yes! I want to dress up as a princess! I want to be a princess! XD

And that’s it. I became one of the participants in the Movie Carnival held by Columbia Tristar in 1U Oval Lower Ground. One of the movies they are promoting is “Prom Night”. And for this particular movie, they are searching for girls to dress up in princess prom dress and parade on the stage.

(Looked so un-glam in this pic wtfreak)

The day before, I spent my entire afternoon searching for an appropriate costume. Isn’t it great that we could claim RM80 from the organizer for our costume? It wasn’t merely a performance but a competition as well. But of course, I did not expect to win away the one and only grand prize, Sony MP4 NWZ-S618F worth RM699 as stated. All that I wanted was the allowance they were gonna pay us for participating.

So on that day, I overslept and woke up in fright only to realized that it was already 1.15pm. At that time, I was supposed to be in 1U for the briefing. It was likely that I couldn’t make it. But thanks to Nick who was willing to come all the way here and fetched me all the way there. I couldn’t have got there in time without his help!

Once I reached the place, I rushed into the back stage and changed. And as I stepped out, I got the hugest shock of my life – one of the judges is Josh Lim from advertlets! OMG wtfreak??? And I just happened to meet him in Aloha the night before. I must have looked really shock that my jaw nearly dropped. I had a bad feeling that the whole thing would be screwed =x

Anyway, everything went well according to the schedule. I didn’t really know how I should answer when they asked for my most memorable prom experience so I just babbled some nonsense =P

The final two. Who will be our prom night princess??? Look at my odd expression -.-

Ok I admit it. I got the grand prize which consists of Sony MP4 and lotsa goodies vouchers. And I was like, “Hey Josh, surprise!” XD

A group picture including the prom night couple participants.

A shot with 3 other princesses before transforming into our normal self.

Oh, beneath it was a charming English man who bowed and kissed my hand at the back stage. Now, do you prefer British or American? XD

Josh: Soooooo lucky lah you, joined through Nuffnang and won the prize from Advertlets.


My Sony MP4 is working well. The best thing is, the colour is white! Do check it out on my next post ;)


joshuaongys said...


Copykate said...

yea. even josh lim said so XD

angeliCassie said...

weeeeeee looks like you had fun..and and and you looked really nice in that outfit!congrats in getting that MP4 =)

Copykate said...

cassie, LOL thanks! glad that i managed to find a fitting outfit XD

Simon Seow said...

Nuffnang can join and Adverlets is the sponsor?

Copykate said...

simon, advertlets wasn't the sponsor. josh lim just happened to be the judge =)