Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheesie!

It's Ringo's 24th birthday!

My last minute banner:

Wtfreak. Ugly I know. Lousy editing.

Next please.

I super heart this picture! Wearing one of the two French maid tops I bought yesterday. (Should give one to Cheesie jie for her birthday XD)

Happy birthday Cheesie!

We heart you! <3


mr.bbq said...

So cute! Definitely will have it on before the evening is over :D

Labu said...

haro..jiejie ur looking sswweett...thankQ for supporting mommy.

love ya

Copykate said...

lol thanks mr.bbq!

Copykate said...

cheddie! XD

send my regards to your mommy ya! <3

Simon Seow said...

So Xin Mou, you got two photos up. Go Ringo!

Copykate said...

i thought the first one was crappy so i did the second one XD