Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DIGI Reload Contest Media Launch

Oh man, is my blog very outdated or what? This post comes a little bit late. But still, I insist on posting it because I WANT TO SHOW OFF MY IPOD SHUFFLE!
I got it!


It is worth more than your underwear!

It is GREEN!

And it is mine!!! XD

Okok I shall stop being a sucker.

So let me explain, the 3ipods are actually a prize from DIGI for the 3lucky winners among the media press. Each of us who went as media press were given a box with a milipede and key inside, and whoever gets the right key would be able to open the lock to get the precious ipod!

Zoe, me and another lucky dude!

Sorry peeps, I have no idea why they only published my picture on the news.

And I even got interviewed? Ha-di-hah!

Venue: LG Highstreet, One Utama
Date: April 11, 2008 (Friday)
Time: 3.00pm – 4.30pm

Press kits! Owh, we bloggers are getting more and more pampered! Now what? We're equal as the journalists, only that our job is so much easier and flexible. *grins*

Fellow nuffnangers and the albino python =)

This dude had to stay in the glass room for 6hours with 160 poisonous scorpions. Wtfreak?

Look, they crawled onto his buttock! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Didn't your mama teach you that it is rude to capture people's ass? Jeez.

Snakes and ladders- part of the games.

Initially I was jumping up and down when I knew I was gonna kiss an iguana, as I've always wanted one as my pet.

Not until I realized it was a stinky creature and the claws are extremely sharp -.- Garn, they should have bathed and groomed it!

Toast! We stared at the glasses pathetically for 10minutes or so as the staff filled them up slowly -.-

Crunchy insects that taste like ikan bilis. Want some? Too bad I didn't try X(

Bloggers gathering at Charms Cafe, The Curve after the event.

Being the bimbos XD

But that wasn't the end of the day, because the exciting part was at night, when a few of us paid a visit to Robb's place! Hiak hiak hiak. Stay put for the next entry!

Nuffnangers who attended the event:

Robb - http://www.robbyaoi.blogspot.com/
Yee Ming - http://temptationsandambitions.blogspot.com/
Joshua - http://joshuaongys.blogspot.com/
Nick - http://whynick.blogspot.com/
Jan - http://janx1.blogspot.com/
KimYoong - http://sosofmylife.blogspot.com/
Amy - http://xiuching.blogspot.com/
Skyler - http://skylerfys.blogspot.com/
Julian - http://www.julianhopkins.net/
Kenny Choo - http://kennychoo.blogspot.com/
Gary Ooi - http://garyooi.blogspot.com/ or http://garyooi.com/

Wanna win RM100,000? Check out more on the DIGI PREPAID CONTEST!
Good Luck!

I heart Nuffnang <3


Skyler said...

HAHAHAH YOU JUST WROTE AH I haven't even written about it wtf

Copykate said...

wtfreak u're even later than me! tot u aren't gonna post abt it anymore XD

bacterium said...

Nuffnang hearts you too.

I just see more things going your way. Gee. World is just so unfair.