Thursday, August 16, 2007

Korean Food Festival

These are a few pictures that I snapped during the Korean Food Festival. The tent was so hot and crowded with people that I thought I could hardly breath! I stayed there for like, well, 10 seconds and went up to my class. Didn't bother to try the food though they looked yummy! It surely was a good event =)

"I don't want the food. I just want to snap a few shots."
Kimchi! XD
They were giving out free Korea guide map and Korean food recipe! I should have taken one X(
For more pictures and details, kindly visit Le Ern's blog.
It's always good to eat at Ausmat Cafe cause you never know you'll bump into the surveyers who give out free drinks. This was the second time I got free drink from them! All you need to do is just to kindly fill up the survey form:
Hey, who cares about the colour? I thought they just look normal. Like the typical Coke, Pepsi and Sarsi.
Fu Han and Yong Siang from Chicago. Looked so serious XD

I must say that it was really kind of them to have given each of us 3packets of drink! Do come here more often please. LOL.

Just did my manicure the other day. It surely looks nice with the ring watch! Wanna paint your nails? Come to me and I'll do it for you! XD

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