Monday, April 30, 2007

Secret Recipe. Again.

*Sneeze* *Sneeze* *Sneeze*
This time nobody is missing me. I’m SICK! My sore throat just got better, and here it comes flu and cough. No way! I can’t be sick! I can’t just sit still at home for the whole day and do nothing. I gotta go out and have fun! Kate is not to be kept at home! I have to do something. Get a life! I need to meet my friends. I need to go out and grab some food. I’m craving for fish! Yes fish! I love fish!XD And fruits! I haven’t eaten any fruits for quite some time. I’m gonna buy a big watermelon, honeydew and grapes. Oh, and papaya! Yes, papaya! I’ve got only one year and three months(and how many days?) to enlarge(or what’s the term?) my bust size. Everybody thinks it’s flat. It can’t be! I gotta prove to them that Kate can have C cup!XD Oops, too big? The bigger it is, the more confident you will be!

Oh great, just received a SMS from Jin Sheng. 2.30pm, Secret Recipe! Can online there!

Yesterday Me, Jess, Meng Hong, Chia Hui, Jin Sheng, Winston and Jess’s Sunway friend, Liang Qian(2000) went for “bakuteh” lunch opposite St. Andrew church, next to a pet shop. When I asked Chia Hui to fetch me, he warned me that he was fetching Winston too. So we would have to face each other in the car! Okay, I have no choice since nobody was home and I had been waiting so long to eat bakuteh. Facing my so called “good-friend” isn’t a big deal anymore. In fact, it had never been a big deal for me. So everything just went on as usual. Come on, we are adults! (young adults at least=p) No matter what we will still see each other sooner or later. There’s no use hiding or running away avoiding each other. Things were better than I had expected cause we even talked! That’s a good thing. For once I feel that he’s actually a nice person(could be better if he uses less foul language). LOL. I remember what I told Kim and Chia Hui in Secret recipe the other day, if someone hates me, I shall like him in return. Define LIKE? The liking between friends of course. Peace shall be upon us if there isn’t anymore hatred. May we be free of turmoilXD Finally, I feel that we are one gang again despite every unpleasant happening in the past. Thank God I’ve got less enemies now, or perhaps no more enemy.

Let's recall the time when I watched Brokeback Mountain which I borrowed from Zili. Anne Hathaway happened to be one of the female actresses. I was thinking, she looks familiar, but I couldn’t figure out what show she acted in. Now I remember, the Devil Wears Prada! Oh Prada Prada, how could I ever forget! I like her! I’m so so attracted by her smile! And her role in Prada, she simply impressed me! I thought her black hair was cool in the movie. Now I’ve got black hair, but the colour is fading and it no longer looks like a wig (like what William said). Some day I gotta dye it to black colour, that really really black one.

Chia Hui is in Melacca! He sounded guilty when I called him. Don’t think he’s in A’Famosa. I guess he’s shopping there with Meng Hong and Winston or whoever. Never mind. I’m having my pleasure time at Secret Recipe. Kekeke.

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