Monday, June 12, 2017

Ramadhan Buffet @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Hotel KL

This year, I decided to try out the Ramadhan Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel KL. Haven't visited Lemon Garden after its renovation. And as usual, the place did not disappoint.

It was an International spread which is not just limited to traditional Malay dishes. In fact, there was such a wide variety we didn't even know where to start! 

Our visit was on Friday so there was seafood spread. On Friday and Saturday, it is Festive Seafood Dinner Buffet which is pricier at RM218 nett instead of the usual RM198 nett on other days. But the extra RM20 is definitely worth it if you are a seafood lover (especially if you have thing for oysters!). 

Lemon Garden was crowded! In fact, there were so many reservations that they even extended the tables to the lounge area. 

The main dish that night: Roasted Whole Lamb / Kambing Panggang Berempah.

It was the first dish I took (cause kiasu scared the lamb habis LOL). The lamb was so tender and well-marinated with spices! Served with bryani rice which was equally delicious! Truly enjoyed every single bit of it.

Malay style starters like kerabu salad, salted fish, chicken heart etc which I tried but don't really appreciate T_T I don't even enjoy the conventional kind of salad to begin with.

Healthy corner. No thanks, I'm fine with the unhealthy corners. LOL.

Tandoori chicken.

Chicken satay was nice, but beef satay was a tad bit too hard to chew.

Their fish dishes weren't that impressive. Don't bother. Just stick to ayam, kambing and daging.

Chinese corner which serves roasted chicken and some Chinese style soup. 

I had the old cucumber soup which was surprisingly yummier than most soup I have had. 

Sup kambing was nice too, but could have been better if it were served hotter.

Had the carbonara which was ordinary. Aglio olio was remarkably tasty because of the paste they used. My only complaint was the pasta being overcook. 

Pizza was so so (already 90% full when I had the pizza). 

Desserts corner! 

No matter how full, there's always room for desserts. 

A lot of Raya kuih in conjunction with the festive season.

I barely tried half of the desserts spread. Most of them were not bad. I enjoyed the pink mousse cake the most  for its smooth texture and berry taste (so damn full I wasn't up for anything with flour and dairy by that time). 

Just when we thought it was over, we found out that there were more things at the terrace outside! There were a few more stalls including fruit station, kebab stall and a BBQ corner! 

My stomach cannot take it anymore XD

On a side note, the teh tarik was worth the mention. The first serving was really concentrated and nice and wasn't too sweet at all. But not after they refilled it later on which I found rather bitter. It would be great if they had maintained the consistency.

Overall, the experience was awesome with marvellous standard. The charges were indeed on the high side, but I think it was an annual festive feast well worth the price (once a year okay la, you don't see roasted whole lamb all the time after all :P). 

More info on Shangri-La's Ramadhan buffet:

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