Monday, June 5, 2017

Ramadhan Bazaar Stadium Shah Alam 2017

Selamat berbuka puasa Muslimin dan Musliman!

This year, I went to the Ramadhan Bazaar at Seksyen 13 Shah Alam for the first time. Previously I have visited TTDI, Kelana Jaya and Wangsa Maju, but not the one at Shah Alam.

If you are heading there, just navigate your Waze to Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. The bazaar is located somewhere next to the stadium. Follow the crowd and you will see the tents. 

There are 3 stretches of roads lined up with stalls. If you spot something nice, just buy it and save yourself the trouble of having to walk a distance back to look for it.

Lemang!!! I have been wanting to eat this! Idk why this was the only lemang stall at the entire bazaar. Is it because lemang is difficult to prepare? I instantly bought a serving of lemang (RM3) and rendang daging (RM5). It turned out delicious! The rendang was fragrant with adequate level of spiciness and not too much santan (I dread those with strong coconut milk taste which overpowers the taste of other rendang spices). The beef was cooked to tender, not too dry and hard. Would definitely recommend this stall. 

As usual, Roti John seems to be really popular at every bazaar I have visited. Especially those that advertise with "cheese" on the banner. I don't really fancy, so didn't try it.

There were quite a few keropok lekor stalls. I bought some from one of the stalls. RM2 for 6 pieces only. More expensive than usual?

Murtabak with cheese which was quite pricey @ RM15. It was hard with layers of flour and I did not like it at all. There was another stall, Raja Murtabak TTDI at the same row which I suppose should be nicer provided it is done the same as the authentic one at TTDI. 

There was a short queue at the onde-onde stall. This has always been my favourite when I was young. I remember back then when I was still in my hometown, during Puasa month there were always random stalls along the roads selling kuih-muih. Dad always let me stop by and buy whatever I want. Usually I would buy karipap and onde-onde ^^

Anyway, this RM3 for 10 onde-onde isn't too bad, but it is quite inconsistent with the amount of gula Melaka fillings. Some got too little sugar inside so it was like chewing on plain mochi. 

Ayam madu aka the Malay version of our siew kai yik! Looked really yummy but didn't get any cause we bought ayam golek-gelek later on instead. 

No meal would complete without drinks. There were many drinks choices around, but this particular Raja Teh Ais caught our attention. The colour of the teh ais reminds us of the thai ice tea we had in Bangkok. Despite it being RM5 per bottle which is rather expensive for teh ais, we decided to give it a try. 

There was sufficient amount of extracted tea fragrance, but the only complaint we have is that it is way too sweet! You know how we always go to mamak, order teh tarik and request for kurang manis? That is the kind of sweetness you get if you don't request for it. Still drinkable regardless. 

Lastly, the highlight of the night - Ayam Golek-Gelek Mamma Mia! This stall was located at one corner end of the second stretch. They have 2 huge ovens roasting rows and rows of delicious looking whole chickens. It definitely caught our attention so we queued up and waited patiently for our turn.

Don't worry about having to cut up the chicken because they would cut it for you and also made sure it is perfectly cooked. For those that they deemed undercooked, they would place back into the oven again. 

Got our half chicken for RM9. The chicken is quite small. But just the right portion as we bought other food as well. They give you a small container of sauce to go with the chicken. Not too sure what sauce it was, some sweet green chili kind of sauce which we thought was really special and goes really well with the chicken. 

It was half past 7 by the time we were done. Most of the stalls were closing and preparing for their own buka puasa, whereas some stalls like the ayam golek were still tending to their customers. 

As the sun sets, some of the bazaar patrons had their picnic at the stadium compound nearby. We were tempted to do so, if only we had proper cutleries and picnic mat. Besides, the sky was turning dark and soon we wouldn't be able to see our food (mosquitoes' turn to feast after that LOL). It would be fun to do so next time though!

Such beautiful sunset :)

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thanks to the review....however,the sweetness comes from the combination of ice tea with honey..without sugar actually....btw,thanks for your comment n we will improved our product time to time....

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