Friday, June 9, 2017

Chatuchak Weekend Market + Artbox Bangkok

I know there hasn't been much travel post on this blog. Every time I open up my album, I just struggled with the number of photos that need to be edited. Today I'm like fuck it, I'm just gonna go with the default iPhoto auto editor for most of the photos, and perhaps add on vsco filter for a few chosen one. 

February this year, I had a shopping + food trip to Bangkok. We stayed at Centrepoint Hotel, Pratunam which as the name suggests, is located right opposite the Pratunam market area and of walking distance from Platinum Mall.  I needed a hotel which is near from Platinum Mall because I figured most of my shopping would be done there. Besides, there are plenty of eateries around which is convenient for us. Furthermore, Centrepoint is one of the few hotels at that area that comes with bathtub. Always my preference when it comes to picking hotels :P

Our day began with us waking up slightly before noon (actually just me cause damn lazy la LOL). Lazed in bed, watched Nat Geo channel, reluctantly took a shower, lazed in bed more, then packed our bags and headed out. 

Our destination that day was Chatuchak Market. Before that, we had our first meal at the road side vendors around Pratunam area. One does not simply come to Bangkok and eat at the expensive air-conditioned restaurants. The road side is where you find the most authentic tastes of local dishes. 

Thai stewed pork leg which is like everyone's favourite when it comes to Bangkok food (not really for me though cause my favourite is still Tom Yum Kung). 

Look at that! There are 2 types of people in this world: people who would drool at the sight of this; people who would barf in disgust at the sight of this. My mum is definitely the latter. 

Complete your meal with some braised duck eggs. 

Next up, Thai omelette which is another of our favourite. They mix it with scallions and cili padi. It was like the best omelette ever which IMO beats the western omelette that comes with ham, cheese, mushroom etc.

We also had some fried chickens.

Took the BTS to Mo Chit Station to Chatuchak Weekend Market. 

Stumbled upon the Paella man whose fame has been proven online. Many tourists were taking turns to snap photos with him. The atmosphere at the bar was lively. A popular spot among western tourists.

Yum yum street food paradise. Especially for seafood lovers.

We didn't do much shopping there because the clothings are quite repetitive and not as cheap relatively. One of the things I bought was a clutch from one of those customized leather stalls that sell passport holders, land yard, bags etc. 

Coconut ice-cream ^^

Not every stall in Bangkok offers good Thai Iced Tea. But we randomly tried out this particular one which we thought was great. They used proper machine to extract the tea leaves which resulted in highly concentrated extracted tea essence. 

They also sell Thai tea mix in tins.

As dusk falls, we made us of Google map and found our way to Artbox Bangkok. According to sources online, Artbox has ended in March 2017 and would resume in November 2017. Not sure whether it will be at the same location though. 

Saw this sleeping neko on the way to Artbox. Don't you feel artsy already? LOL. 

Not sure whether Artbox Bangkok was overrated or we came at the wrong timing in February when the event was at the end-tier. There wasn't much going on there TBH. Most of the stalls have moved and if you want to do shopping, you better do so in Chatuchak because there were like not more than 20 clothing and accessories stalls here. 

The food stalls were still there though.

It was rather early, but the place was already bustling with people finding their own spots for an open-air picnic. Fortunately, we managed to find our own spot.

Yummy beef cubes.

Mushroom and onion skewers.

Hollow fishballs (keropok lekor kind of texture).

Thai Iced Tea which wasn't as nice compared to the one we had earlier.

What better way to complete the night than to have some cold local Thai beer?


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