Monday, January 11, 2016


Hello to the second Monday of 2016!

Today is one of the rare days when I get to arrive home before the sky turns dark since I came back straight after attending my first training of the year at Times Square Hotel.

Monday #OOTD

Was told to attend the training tomorrow with casual wear as we will be having a virtual mountain climbing session. I am all excited about it already! I guess despite what others think about me, I am actually a really adventurous girl deep down. I would go climb mountains and dive oceans! Although I can't swim la. They say you don't need to know how to swim in order to dive anyway! ^^

During the session today, there's a quote from the trainer that inspired me: "Don't just go through life, instead grow through life".

It got me thinking, what have I achieved in 2015 and most importantly, what have I learnt throughout the year? 

There are days when we just become idle and ambik gaji buta. We have forgotten our objectives and purpose. Quote "Like a piece of plank on the sea that floats aimlessly with the direction of the waves".

I have not exactly lay down my new year resolutions for 2016. But last week, I have came up with a few simple ones for a good start: 

I would like to live healthier, be more organized and aware of my goals this coming year!

4 simple things in order to achieve that (macam yes but actually the list could use some improvement lol):
1. Exercise more regularly
2. Less drinking 
3. No sleeping late
4. Reduce on nasi lemak consumption *sad*

I even wrote them on post-it-notes and stick them on my work station so I could be reminded everyday lol. 

Oh to add on, I would devote more time for self-reflection in order to become a better person. 

There are times when I feel disgusted at myself for being selfish and heartless. But one incident last week made me realize I am actually not that heartless after all :O

Last Tuesday, I was having a bad time dealing with an incompetent customer service on the phone when I stumbled upon the toy-selling uncle at Damansara Uptown who caught the attention of social media users a while ago. I remember having read that he was a cancer patient who has been selling toys to pay for his chemo treatment and to support his son's tertiary education. In comparison, my problems in life seem so trivial and I felt almost ashamed to be angry over the little things in life. 突然领悟自己多幸福。。。 I tried to hold back my tears thinking how difficult life must have been for him, and how blessed I am without knowing it. I asked uncle whether he has eaten, he hasn't, so I packed lunch for him, bought a pretty pink Shin Chan for myself (because it resembles me in my pink bath robe lol) and a pair of Mickey & Minnie for my friend Angela who would like to help the uncle too. 

Not saying that I am a saint because more often than not I do not bother donating for disaster victims. But when I witness the unfortunate myself my heart weeps from within. It really affected my emotions when I thought about the misery in life those people have to endure. Aside from teaching me how to display sympathy and kindness, it has also taught me to show gratitude in life to better appreciate whatever we have been given. How blessed we are compared to the less fortunates!

Meanwhile I've bought myself some baby breath in conjunction with new year and new beginning. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


gary soong said...

Good everning Kate. Came across your blog when I search on Google. Thank you for been so kind towards people that are less fortunate. Very inspiring story. You actually remind me of Anthony Robbins key of happiness, "GIVE MORE AND EXPECT LESS". Thank you (Gary)

Copykate said...

Gary: Thank you for the compliment. What I did might not have changed the world, but I do hope it has made a difference in the uncle's life by cheering him up and restoring his faith. I was inspired by him as well as his story has made me realized how fortunate I am, and at the same time got me thinking about the least I could help to contribute to the society :)