Sunday, January 31, 2016

Container Market @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

Paid a visit to the Container Market event at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara during the weekend. I expected a crowded market with at least 50 stalls, but instead, it was quite a small-scaled bazaar. Just a few fashion stalls like those you would see at flea markets, mostly promoting Shopee app. 20% off certain items if you have a Shopee account! (I installed it on the spot lol). Of course, there were a few stalls and trucks selling snacks too, but nothing spectacular.

This stall that sells customize accessories caught my attention.

I have always wanted a passport cover! Comes in pink shades that I love!

For a reasonable price, you get to the passport cover together with a name tag and a charm.

Pick your own colour tag and they will get your name embossed on the spot. Embossing on the leather itself is possible too but they will have to get it done at the factory.

So many charms I took quite a while to decide!

Tadah~ Picked a cat at last. Because people always associate me with cats :/

Came back and shared the end product with my besties. Turns out they all love it! So I placed order for them via whatsapp and paid a visit to Nexis to collect again. A shoutout to Esther for the great service! :)

Angela's and Rachel's. All picked the same colour wtf XD

Katie's. Omg the baby pink is so pretty and that little horsie is so cute! This colour was actually my second choice. I took quite some time choosing between baby pink or pink. Was afraid I would dirty the baby pink one :(

The horse so cute la!!! It is our Chinese zodiac ^^ (unintentionally revealed age :x)

Was supposed to get one for Jess too but she already has one with the same tag and charm. Looking forward to our next trip together!

Ended up buying a paid of sandals while I was there for the second time. Oh well, there was 20% discount with Shopee account anyway. Teehee.

If you would like to get the personalized passport cover too, do check out Juize by Five's Facebook page:

They sell other customized accessories like clutch, land yard and key holder too! :)

Some of the snacks stalls there. 2 packs of Perfecto popcorn + 1 bottle of potato chips for 8 bucks only. Cheap! Bought it!

According to the poster, the Container Market is still ongoing from 1-5 February. But according to the accessories stall and the shoes stall I visited, it was already their last day. Perhaps there will be other stalls taking over their spot next week.

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