Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NUS Class of 2013 Commencement

Have you seen my convocation photos???

Macam yes!

HAHAHA just kidding! It was Aldrich’s convocation at NUS.

When I posted that selca, I checked into NUS and I guess some people might think that I graduated from there XD

Flew to Singapore just for his graduation because Tiger Airways was quite cheap even though it was a last minute booking. RM88 inclusive!

It also gave me an excuse to go to Singapore la, until I realized everything is so expensive and I had like $2 in my wallet before I left. LOL.

Matching glasses with Yau Ming. Dunno why my hair so pong and messy that day.

It was my first time attending convocation. Felt really happy when I look at the proud faces of the graduates. They’ve finally earned the reward after those few years of hard work. Especially in Singapore, I believe it must have been quite some stressful years for them.

And the proud faces of the parents of course. Must be an emotional moment seeing your kids graduate and eventually transforming into a working adult after all those years :’)

I’ve recently graduated too! But it kinda sucks that I have to wait 1 year for my convo. By the time I would have probably started work and lost all that fresh grad feel.

Okay my turn my turn!

Bullied the star of the day by making him zip up the robe for me. He made a funny comment that zipping a girl up is weird because guys are used to zipping down for others HAHAHAHA wtf.

Super oversized FML.

And there you go, my convo photos! In case I can’t make it for my own.

Happy commencement, class of 2013! Teehee.


Anonymous said...

:( Your hair is a mess

Copykate said...

Anonymous: yesh, it's the wind :(