Sunday, August 25, 2013

12 Signs You are a Bimbo

1. Your favourite colour is pink. In fact almost anything in pink is irresistible, including the pink fluffy Hello Kitty bedroom slippers you spotted at the night market.

2. You live by the life principles that new underwear is a basic human right and shoes are the best lifelong investment. You're not sure of the precise payback period though. Maybe the day you get swept off your feet by the right guy. Who will buy you more shoes. And underwear ^^

3. Selca is a must-do regardless of where you are: in a moving car, at the restaurant, in the toilet, trying on clothes, out on a date, during a vacation etc.

4. Your favourite movies are Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

5. You think the capital of the United States of America is New York.

6. You have a cute boyfriend and your girlfriends are absolutely jealous of your love life. But chances are he also assumes that the capital of the US is New York.

7. You have read every shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella and decided that she is your favourite author (apart from JK Rowling because Harry Potter rocks)

8. Your dream car is either VW Beetle or Mini Cooper. They also happen to be the only cars that you know of.

9. You bling your iPhone with Swarovski crystals. Or if you're lazy, you simply dress it up with Marc Jacob's pink Katie Bunny cover.

10. You avoid doing the dishes at all costs and if you must, you will wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your manicure and your delicate fingers. But they must be pink. Refer to point 1.

11. Your goal in life is to marry a handsome guy, live in a big mansion and make beautiful babies together.

12. You own a pink blog that contains an excessive amount of your selcas and some crappy articles that nobody bothers reading.

Credits to my bimbotic girlfriend Katie from whom I was inspired to draft this post.


♥ violinistxixi ♥ said...

hahahaha kate this is so funny! :)))) Thanks for sharing! I think I can relate to the selca one, but none of the others. HAHAHAHA! :D

Copykate said...

violinistxixi: thanks for reading! what, only one?!! LOL

Fion Paris 별 ☮ said...

can only relate to selca and also fav movies...but i only like legally blonde though :3 mean girls is good but not in fav list :p

Copykate said...

Fion: i love how reese dresses in pink to attend her law classes! super fab! XD