Monday, January 7, 2013

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

This is a super backdated, almost forgotten post. But today I just went to my friends’ place for homemade Dak Galbi and then I remembered, how can I have not blogged about Uncle Jang earlier?!

I’m sure everyone in town had heard of, or otherwise had been to Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant. We went to the one at Solaris Mont Kiara and as far as I’m concern, they have branches at Puchong and Ampang.

That was my second time visiting Uncle Jang Solaris and I was very much looking forward to it although I was quite terrified by the level of their spiciness after my first visit. My advice: don’t overestimate your ability. We ordered one spicy and one normal but it was still insane. And believe me my level of tolerance is usually higher than average when it comes to taking spicy food.

Look out for Maybank when you’re at Solaris. When you see the signboard of Uncle Jang, take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and you’ll immediately be greeted by the aroma of spicy Dak Galbi.

The restaurant is usually crowded with locals and Koreans.

Other than the spicy chicken main dish, there are a few side dishes we get to add on. I think Dak Galbi goes pretty well with ramen. Udon is just mehhh. The mushroom is yummy too!

Before cooking. A huge chunk of cabbages, chicken and chili paste.

Rest assured you don’t have to cook it yourself because the friendly foreigner waiters are ready to be at your service.

A hungry and skeptical couple. It was Eugene and Jolwee’s first time there and they have been frequenting Uncle Jang ever since! LOL. Thanks to them I get to taste some homemade Dak Galbi today.

A happy fatty, Ang XD

Photobombed by fatty.

Some complementary kimchi, garlic and cabbages to further spice up our meal.

There there, almost done. Are you drooling yet?

Now all we have to do is to add on the ramen, udon, rice cake and mushroom that we ordered. Hmmm, the smell was irresistible!

Ready to be served! The amount we ordered was a little crazy but it tasted so good we finished almost everything! Almost. If only Ang weren’t on his diet XD

Don’t worry if it gets too spicy. There’s free supply of plain water by default just like any other Korean restaurant.

Or you might wanna get some soju to make it a perfect Korean meal. Teehee.

A very satisfied couple. Yea, that’s the amount of our leftover. Quite an accomplishment yea XD

For those who have been to Uncle Jang, you know how good it is and how you’ll always go back! For those who haven’t, man you have no idea what you’re missing out in life.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant
Address: 11-3, Jalan Solaris 1
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 KL
Tel: 03-62112536

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