Friday, January 25, 2013

Pampas Grill & Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Last week was quite a hectic week for all the party people. Swedish House Mafia on Friday, We Love Asia on Saturday and Sunday. Rave rave rave the entire weekend! As for me, I even attended Mixx Club’s 1st Anniversary in Melaka on Thursday night and back to KL on Friday night for SHM, after which I was too tired for WLA so decided to skip.

Aldrich was back in town for the weekend just to attend SHM. So dumb of him to have not realized that SHM went to Singapore for their One Last Tour also. LOL. But anyhow it could be an excuse to meet up. In case his name doesn’t ring a bell, he was our host when Jess and I went to Singapore. Read here.

So instead of going all the way to Sepang for WLA, we had dinner at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Tried Pampas for the first time as it’s Loo’s favourite (don’t understand why).

Collared blouse – P&Co
Pink bodycon skirt – Bangkok
Black pumps – Mixit (borrowed from mum, they’re surprisingly comfy XD)
Speedy Damier – Louis Vuitton
Pink watch – Casio Baby G

Pampas is quite a lovely restaurant for dining but it could use a little music.

Like the other bars and restaurant located at Changkat, most of the patrons here are ang moh. The waitresses are mostly foreigners so it’s a little difficult to communicate with them. Had to speak slowly and utter every single word clearly :/

Set dinner costs RM80++ per person but we didn’t order that.

US Scallop – Lightly sauteed fleshly scallop with garlic & red chili, served with salad and honey mustard dressing (RM32)

Very much overpriced for 4 little pieces of scallops. That’s like RM8 for one scallop wtf. The garlic and chili were great but the scallop was too hard for my liking.

Calamari Rings – Breaded and deep fried squid rings, served with pampas tartar sauce (RM25)

Crap. Totally tasteless. Felt like I was eating rubber :(

We ordered a few main courses for sharing. Chose from different categories because we are super judgmental, must see if every category is good. Teehee.

Gamberetti – Linguine with de-shelled tiger prawns tossed with herbs, garlic, paprika, chili and butter (RM32)

Quite satisfied with the reasonable amount of prawns. The taste is quite good  but probably a little too oily due to the butter?

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Slice Burger – Smoked salmon double decked with salad and egg served with horseradish mayo spread (RM29)

One can never go wrong with smoked salmon. The egg was just right, didn’t overcook. If you’re a burger person, I would recommend this dish.

Pampas Mix Grilled Platter – Grilled rib eye, sirloin and rack of lamb served with potato wedges and companied by mushroom sauce and horseradish sauce (RM85)

We were having high expectation on this dish for Pampas being famous for grill but sadly it was disappointing! The meat was tastes as bad as it looks. TBH it was like hawker standard wtf I wouldn’t pay RM85 for it!!! We requested medium well for the lamb and medium rare for the beef but somehow most of the meat tastes hard and dry probably due to being overcooked. The wedges were quite bad also. And I must say the sauce just didn’t go well with the meat. Totally failed!

I’m not sure how the other meat from the menu tastes but don’t ever order the mix grill platter! I assume we just happened to order the yucky choice that night, can’t conclude that the rest of the meat sucks too?

Total bill was RM57 per person, quite cheap compared to other restaurants nearby since most of the food here are priced at RM20-30 range.

Met Joshua for the first time. One of Aldrich’s scholar friends back there in Singapore but he has already graduated and is working now.

Pampas Grill & Bar
Address: 22-1 Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2148 5548


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