Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Red Pants 小红裤

Done with 3 papers, 1 more to go! Last subject is Corporate Law, no doubt the most tedious of all. It’s an open book exam during which we’re allowed to bring in the legislation along with 40 pages of notes. It took me forever to makes those notes ever since the beginning the studies break, and up till now I’m not done yet! Jeez.

Anyway, 少啰嗦!A vain photo to start my post! Place your focus on my eyelid instead of the eye bags! Trust me, they don’t always look like that. Only when I smile in photos. FML.


Sushi Zanmai for lunch with my babes after our Financial Accounting exam the other day. We’re big fans of Tamago Mentai. Teehee.


Sometimes I remind myself no shopping until I start working again but nooooooooooooooooooo there are sales everywhere! Got tempted into MNG and unintentionally bought a knitted long-sleeves top and a pair of red short pants, which I obviously didn’t regret because I love them! Bought another pair of turquoise shorts from P&Co cause it’s cheap, and my a pink Nike cap which I intend to match my new running shoes XD


Actually, the short pants are a tad bit too short. Gotta start working out so my thighs don’t look so fat. Ok fine they don’t look fat now, but just not toned up! :(


A photo of me with my big nerdy specs. Because it has served me faithfully recently, especially when I have no make up on. Definitely the best tool to hide my self-consciousness.


That’s all for today. What, you think I’m gonna write one whole long article? I wish I could but for now I gotta get back to my complicated law notes. Sad life of a degree student :/


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

aww that's lots of sushi, i didnt know that you're doing accountancy too, same goes to me! :)

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Copykate said...

fish: yea sushi zanmai is my weekly routine. lol. i'm doing accounting, banking & finance to be precise :)

Kelvin Tan said...

woi, go study la. :P

Copykate said...

kelvin: okay.jpg :(

Xue Ren said...

u have skinny legs weyy! Envy betul =P

Copykate said...

xue ren: but they aren't toned up T_T and my thighs are getting fatter, sadly. gotta start exercising. teehee

Henry Tan said...

whoots! sexy red shorts! =DD

Kevin Tan Hong Ann said...

Your life ain't so sad. Give it a little more time, and wait until you come out and work. You'd probably like working life more. :)

Kian Fai Koh said...

the red pants so small eh > . < later U cant fit in if u makan more :X

Copykate said...

henry: thanks! ^^

kevin: ok la i admit my life isn't that bad :P

kian fai: omgosh damn mean!!!

Mike said...

I don't blame you for buying all these cloths shopping can be really addicting. The shorts are only a tad short. All sarcastic aside they look really good on you.