Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final is preventing me from blogging!

I’m alive! Sincerely apologize for the lack of update. Haven’t been a good blogger for the past few weeks since I was so caught up with final exam. Of course I could have managed my time and spend a few minutes scribbling some thoughts or perhaps posting a few vain photos of myself here. Let’s just say I was too lazy to be bothered :x

Vain photo like this makes me feel better about myself wtf.


My recent shopping haul are too awesome not to be shared! Here’s some stuff I bought from Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid in 2 days’ time. Noticed that white dress with frills and bow? It’s from Zara kids! My new favourite shopping spot! I could fit in that dress for age 11-12! *proud* But that kinda indicates to the world that I have a kiddish body. Wtfreak *not so proud after all*


My Burberry and a friend’s Bally. So I wanted to check whether it was pronounced “bei-li” or “ba-li”. Googled it and ended up on this awesome blog post that provided the exact pronunciation of a list of brand names!


Some most commonly mispronounced brands among my friends:

Hermes Air-h-MEZZ (it’s not Her-miss!!!)
Longchamp Long-shum (90% of people I know call it Long-champ -.-)
Louis Vuitton LOO-ee Vui-TOHNG (not Lu-is. Just call it LV la. lol)
Burberry BURR-behr-ri (they all call it Bur-berry like how you would call a Blackberry)
Lanvin Lahn-VAWN (I learnt this from Katie before. Teehee)
Pierre Cardin Pyerr Kar-DOHN (wtf I didn’t know!)

Oh oh, I also got myself a pair of new running shoes!!! In fact it’s my very first pair of decent sports shoes. You know la I’m not exactly a sneaker kinda girl. But I really need it to work out. Gotta start burning those fats and get rid of my fugly cellulite! How do you like the shoes? I chose the most striking pair! And it’s pink! The right colour I was looking for! Dragged dad to the shop and made him pay for it! LOL. He said it’s a waste of resources because I would end up wearing it once or twice and keep it forever in my closet -.- Not true.


A photo with dad and sis during my last visit. I think he needs some age-defiant facial product. Stop praising that he looks young because his facial skin condition certainly doesn’t        ! Tsk tsk.


My sis Priscella.


Pris and Nick. No photo of Gigi since she was having fun with her friend while we had our sweet siblings reunion time. Pfft.


Okay that’s all for now. Just wanted to do a quick update so you won’t forget my existence. Exam ends on 19th of June so start making plans with me already people! *perasan* Hiak hiak.


Stella Matilda said...

love your burberry bag! :)

Samantha Kong said...

All the best in your finals babe! :)))

Copykate said...

stella: thank you dear! but everywhere you go you see girls using this exact same bag T_T

samantha: thanks babe! <3

Henry Tan said...

hahaha ok ok wont forget ur existence! now go back to study! good luck! =D