Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Official Opening @ Sunway Pyramid

Located on Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid’s new sing, Laura Mercier brings you romantic, modern and feminine this spring. Photos credit to Andy Kho.


Over 40 young and pretty ladies (including myself *cough cough* XD) attended the official opening of Laura Mercier. The kiosk has been opened for quite some times this year though, if you’re a regular shopper at Pyramid.


It must be every girl’s dream to own the whole set of those make up! Okay maybe not every girl, but girls who are vain like me. Teehee.


Demo by the make up artist on the model. Wish I was half as pretty as her without make up.


Finger food were served by Delicious. They even pampered us with wine and champagne!!! Red wine and Moet rose my favorite ^^


Pretty girls and Tim #likeapimp wtfreak. LOL.


Group photo with MBH members.


Don’t forget to check out MHB’s page and drop an email if you’re interested to be part of our group and join these awesome events! :)


Henry Tan said...

whoots nice! =D
too bad penang no such groups and events. =S

J said...

hope i got the chance to join these events next time. Am thinking of Laura mercier foundation :D

Kian Fai Koh said...

pheeeeeew weeeeeet :P