Thursday, November 24, 2011

No Longer Butt Length

Greetings from Muar! It’s good to be home yo. Took a bus back this time because obviously no one would come back here on Tuesday, and I wouldn’t want to wait until the weekend since there might be job offers. Indeed, just received a text today that I gotta work on Sunday morning. So looks like I won’t be staying home for long.

It seems like my life revolves around the ex-es. Not sure if that’s a good thing. The other day my ex whom shall not be named, let’s call him S to make my story-telling easier (wow I make him sound like Serena in Gossip Girl, damn cool or what?), offered to fetch me to the bus station but ffk-ed me because I’m the bottom of his priority he couldn’t finish his college work on time. So whatever la I know his “pattern” so despite his earlier promise, I didn’t hold any grudges but decided to take a taxi to the bus station by myself. RM27 from Pyramid to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, not too bad I guess.

Anyway so I woke up around 11am, dressed up and did my make up, walked to Pyramid along with my luggage because I had yet to buy sis’s belated birthday present. Really failed at buying girls’ present because every time I see something nice, I decide to keep it for myself T_T At last I made up my mind to get her 3 Topshop underwear. So I was lugging my luggage like a superstar heading towards Topshop with my head held high, then I saw a familiar face walking towards my direction near the main entrance. Guess who? My other ex, D whom I had not contacted for almost a year! The last time I saw him was at Sushi Zanmai, during which he appeared right after my friend asked about him. It was more than a coincidence I swear! Sometimes I just can’t help but start questioning on fate.

And after all, Sunway Pyramid was where we first met.

S ffk-ed me and out of nowhere D came for my rescue?! HAHA. Didn’t have to take a taxi at last. I went for lunch and shopped for sis’s present while he finished up his task, an hour later we headed to TBS that far away place that I really hate. It surprised me that all this while he has been stalking my FB statuses. He read every single one of them and knows every part of my life like his own’s! Wtfreak. Idk if I should feel proud or freaked out. I don’t think he used to care half as much when we were together back then :(

End of story.

Must be disappointing if you were expecting some juicy gossips. Teehee.

Now let’s talk about Muar. Woke up at 2.30pm this afternoon feeling shitty for having slept through almost half of the day. Dressed up and went out for super late brunch (at approximately 4pm T_T).


Does your char kuey tiao come with otak-otak? Be jealous much! XD


Went to New Top Point to do my hair. Cut + dye. Don’t ask me how much it costs because it was a complimentary service. My uncle (dad’s youngest bro) owns the salon. Funny when sis and I entered the salon, we just sat down and chit-chat with the hairdresser for a few minutes after which he washed my hair. Then I heard sis exclaimed in surprise because all the time while since we arrived, grandpa was sitting right behind dyeing his hair! HAHAHAHAHA we totally ignored his presence wtf! EPIC! ROFL!!!

Will blog about my new hair soon! For now, just a photo of my new maroon hair. It’s so much shorter now! No longer reaches my butt. Teehee. The colour isn’t so obvious unless it’s under the light. My hair was badly damaged so I decided to go for a darker shade to create an illusion of healthy locks. What do you think? :)


By the way, remember Baby Jocelyn, my youngest baby cousin whom I blogged about back then? She’s 9 months old and has grown some teeth now! So sad cause she cries every time I go near her. Aunt said she probably finds my thick eyeliner creepy. FML I hope my kids won’t share the same fear next time wtf.

At last she let me carry her after I showed her my camera and told her we were gonna take a photo together! Oh my, can’t believe she’s as much a camwhore as I! And she was so fascinated with my ring. I have a good feeling she’ll grow up to be like me one day! *proud*


Her eldest bro reminded me that I’ll be 42 years old by the time Jocelyn turns 21. I’ll be an old auntie by then! Gawd. I wonder how it’s gonna be like when that day finally comes. Don’t really want to think about it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Kian Fai Koh said...

hahah why u think so far right now hahaha

*imagine ur aunty look* LOL! :D

kuromeowiie said...

I like your new hair colour :D

Copykate said...

kian fai: i don't wanna be 42 years old! :'(

kuromeowiie: thanks babe! XD

Pennie YenSun said...

Like your new hair style :D

Copykate said...

pennie: thanks! bought a kerastase hair mask to repair my damaged hair. teehee

bacterium said...

butt length.. very subjective. could be butt crack, butt hole, etc.

it's ok, we all know you have a lot of ex's, whenever you walk on the street, you shall bump into at least one, if not few of them.

and you don't need to wait to be in the forties for others to start calling you aunty. hahahaha.