Monday, October 25, 2010

Chili's is ze best

My blog is so dead I bet no one even bothers to visit here anymore. Sads. Have been so busy with study, work, play and everything I kinda neglected my once used-to-be-precious blogspot. Done with my first semester in uni. Study week from now onwards till exam is over, then we shall have a long summer break!

Ever since I started posting all my photos on Facebook albums, I have been updating here less frequently. Words were soon taken over by mere photographs. Not good. I don’t even know what to post here anymore. Jeez. On top of that, I’ve got no internet connection at my new place. Online with my new Blackberry every day and all I did was tweet, fb, tweet, fb, tweet. . . Might try blogging with my bb some day.

Anyway, I’ve just randomly picked an album to show you the good food I had a week or two ago. Don’t we all love Chili’s?

Flame-grilled Steak.


Northwestern Grilled Lamb.


That was a big portion but surprisingly I managed to finish every bit of it!


And even ordered dessert. Nom nom.


Gawd, I don’t mind being pampered with delicious meals like these every week! Just pray hard they don’t cause me extra 2inches on my belly or something.


I think I shall start keeping an album to compile all the nice food I’ve been having recently. Teehee.

Take me out for nice food, anyone?? LOL *shameless*


sirei said...

i effin LOVE chili's!
their food and service are always the best~

abangchua said...

take me out for nice food?

Copykate said...

Sirei; absolutely! Even the side dishes taste so good!

Abangchua: will you? Teehee

bacterium said...

long time never been to chilis now, their portion is so big that i can't finish it all the time.

eh, you're so easy to be pampered. you should make them try harder.

looking at your size, you can still afford another like 6 inches on that waist? please.

..*AnNiE*.. said...

Hello Kate I'm still reading!=)

And I love Chili's too! <3

Copykate said...

bacterium: 6inches?! oh please. i will cry even if it were to expand 1 inch.

annie: aww thanks for folowing my posts! that really motivates me! =)

Simon Seow said...

Damn, you reenacted my craving for Chili's, I plan to save money one lah.

Copykate said...

Simon: you should definitely pay a visit to chili's! XD

Anonymous said...

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