Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 things to do this coming week

1.Business Law assignment plan (due on Friday!)
2. Business Statistics test revision (test on Monday, as in tomorrow -.-)
3. Economic Principles test preparation (test on Friday. I swear this is the lousiest week ever)
4. MOB online tests (tests from week1 onwards. sigh)
5. Convert BS assignment file and print it (idk how to convert Microsoft file! jeez)
6. Pick one, or maybe two birthday dress(es)
7. Visit someone’s house in Cheras (self-inviting, lol)
8. Buy a Blackberry Bold 9700 (likely to be postponed)
9. Dinner with the gang on Saturday night.
10. Get mentally prepared to be a 20-year-old.

Oh gawd.


Too many tasks, too little time.


choonhong said...

convert file format?

Copykate said...

choon hong: from microsoft 2007 to 2003. my 2003 can't open the file

choonhong said...

may be i can help, send to me ?