Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion KL

On Christmas Day, while traffic at everywhere else was quick and smooth, Bukit Bintang area was as congested as it’ always been.

After having a contented Christmas dinner at El Cerdo (will blog about it later on), Darl and I went to Pavilion for Gelato Fruity and to take a stroll.

It was crowded outside, as everyone was obsessed with Christmas decoration photo session.

My attractive silhouette.

Someone offered to take a photo for us, but it turned out rather stupid. LOL.

I guess we’re better off camwhoring this way.

Oh I hate my camera! Failed me again.

Imma reindeer. Teehee.

Finally a decent photo of me. Skinny and long-legged. Hiak hiak.

Hectic life these two days! Just got back to Muar from KL today. Shifted to aunt’s place yesterday, which means I’m no longer staying in my previous condo. It took us quite a while to move everything from one place to another. Thank you darl for your biggest help! Really appreciate it. There was no way to hail a taxi from aunt’s place, so I had to drag my luggage and walked all the way to Carrefour to hop onto a taxi to get to Setiawangsa LRT, from which I departed to Masjid Jamek and interchanged to Plaza Rakyat before I finally reached Puduraya. As if my life wasn’t miserable enough, my bus turned up 40minutes late! FML. Tomorrow morning, my family and I will head down to JB together. Yay! Gonna meet up with Hunt and Kok Chun to go to Singapore. Pray that it’s going to be a pleasant trip. Still unsure of where I’m spending my new year eve though. We shall see. Till then =)


Jackie Loi said...

go buy canon s90! XD...if good lemme know..coz i plan get 1 for my gf..haha..

Copykate said...

jackie: bullshit la u asking me to be your tester! lol. i know i know, saw your tweet. the whole world knows XD

wen pink said...

Have a pleasant trip to Sg!! And try asking ur dad if he also wanna trade SDG500 with me for RM450! HEHEHE!

Jackie Loi said...

know lo..my gf also know..but it gonna b still a surprice for her =P..b my tester not bad what! i guarentee u tat cam wun disappoint u 1 XD

Benjamin Chuah said...

omg, i was at pavilion during christmas, nathan was there, i think hong was also there, but i din c any of u!

n enjoy ur sg trip ^^

aileng miao said...

i likey your lacey dress lor. i've tried one in bangsar before but it doesnt turn out nice. i wonder if u manage to carry it nice or the one i tried really not nice. mind to share where did u get it?? :)

Copykate said...

wen pink: RM450 for 500rupiah maybe can. HAHA

jackie: how is it gonna be a surprise when she already knows? O.o

ben: i was there around 10pm! didn't go shopping. just walked around outside and took photos of the christmas deco XD

aileng: the moment i saw the dress, i knew it was meant for me! heart it to bits! took it from my dad's boutique. it's in muar. lol

aileng miao said...

aww ur dad runs a boutiqueeeee. jealous maximusss... nowonder u always get to have nice dresses......

Copykate said...

aileng: yea, he complains a lot whenever i take his dresses. lol