Friday, June 19, 2009

Rooms for Rent

Yesterday, I received a call from Eric out of the blue. It has been ages since he last contacted me, so I thought there must be something that he wanted, or perhaps he was just gonna start his bullshits again. I mean, he’s pretty lame. He could call you for half an hour and talk about nothing but cold jokes.

Eric: Yo w’sup Kate. How are you?
Kate: I’m fine. Wassup. (HAHA I don’t usually talk like that)
Eric: Oh I just wanna ask, is there any vacant room at your place?

What? He wanted a room! And apparently he’s the one who’s gonna rent the room. For what?? I mean, he stays with his family at Sri Gombak, not too far away from my place right? So why would he want a room here? Pay a huge sum of rental every month just to bring girls home? Not quite impossible, considering he’s someone who can afford a Celica. Oh think about it, if he ever moves in, I can enjoy free ride everyday! XD

Whatever reason there is, I did not bother to ask. But I told him I will ask around for him if there is any vacant room.

Recently, I have discovered a Rooms for Rent website.


For those who don’t understand Malay, cari=find; bilik=room. It’s a website where you can search for rooms for rent all across Malaysia. For those who want to advertise their rooms, just register and post up your advert for FREE!

So now, in order to find yourself a suitable room or even house, just sit at home and surf the site. The locations are categorized, which makes it even easier for room seekers. First, click on your desired state at the right side of the page.

There you go, 7071 results for Kuala Lumpur. To get more specific location, you can choose from the cities listed.

Otherwise, you can simply use the search engine provided below the page.

See, I have just found a suitable room in Melati for Eric!

This is really useful! Now you can even follow them on Twitter! XD

It’s amazing that at this era, people still use paper and pen to advertise their rooms. They practically stick their notice around, vandalising every visible corner.

My condo management doesn’t seem too pleased about these unofficial notices on their board, so they posted up a warning.

Some people chose to advertise it at the toilet. A common scene in my college. I guess that’s the last place where you would get caught for vandalising.

No tissue? Worry not. One piece of these is more than enough to wipe your ass! XD

Now, with, we can proudly tell our friends that we found our room from the website instead of some filthy toilet!

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