Sunday, June 7, 2009

In One Year Time. . .

Each time I browsed through our old photos, it never failed to lead me down the memory lane. 1 year, short as it seems, I feel like we have known each other for decades. All the happy days we have been through together, all the sadness and sorrows we have conquered. Ironically, when I look at one particular photo, it is as though we have just met yesterday.

It was the night when I randomly asked for a picture. You were just a young-looking stranger boy back then, but never had I thought that a seemingly insignificant action of mine would lead to where we are today.

The very next morning, you gave me a call before your work, and the same night, we met each other for the second time. (omg I didn’t know I was that ugly back then, why would you even like me???)

I would never forget the way you looked when I placed the tiara I rented from the costume shop on your head. Despite the unwillingness shown from your expression, I thought you looked like a cute little prince.

On our third date, an old man in the Old Town said to me, “this young man looks promising.” (due to the fact that you were wearing that formal working outfit? XD) The statement was then quoted in your MSN personal message, which in some way gave me a sense of importance and significance.

We weren’t couple back then. But we probably looked like one.

Soon, it was the 6th day. I like how you look when you pretended to be angry. So cute and irresistible!

That night, I received a text from you saying that we should take things slow. As disappointing and hurting as it sounds, I couldn’t agree better with you. After all I wasn’t that ready to commit.

Together we went to Roxy Summer Splash. It was my first time meeting your friends (not as your girlfriend though).

We went out together for several times. I remember each tinge of excitement whenever you asked me out, whether it was dinner or shopping.

You refused to hold my hand in front of our friends and bloggers, with the excuse of keeping a low profile (asshole). So you were merely my escort rather than boyfriend during Made of Honour. But anyone who were present that night would have probably guessed that things weren’t that simple between us.

Soon, we celebrated our 2 weeks anniversary at Alexis. I know this is contradicting, since we said we were gonna take things slow. But deep down we know what type of relationship we were having. It wasn’t ordinary friends nor casual fling. And obviously the 2weeks anniversary was my awesome idea XD

If I were to name one attractive feature of you, it would be your thick, prominent brows. As much as I find it amusing, I couldn’t help being in love with your shin-chan-cuteness.

After more than 1 month, you were finally adapted to the idea of showing up as my boyfriend in public because you had no choice XD.

Your MMS brighten up my days,

when you are out for a drink;


or sleeping.

I enjoy shopping with you even though you might not be the best shopping partner. Will you ever stop looking at sports equipment??? *roarrr*

Fights and arguments are inevitable. But each time it strengthens us, bringing us even closer together.

Compliments do not come often from you. So occasionally, when you gave a few words of praises, my heart flutters a little.

Although you could be mean some time, you never fail to put a smile on my face.

Every moment I spend with you is a blessing, and I enjoy your companionship more than anything else.

In 1 year time, together we have been through:

my birthday;

your birthday;

national day;


New Year;

And Valentine’s day.

Finally, it is our one year anniversary.

After 1 year, days still feel like months when I am not seeing you. imma leech wtfreak I know you’ll always be there for me, always the one whom I can rely on.

Happy one year anniversary, darling! Thank you for your love and care. I can’t express how grateful I am to have you. I love you! <3


..*AnNiE*.. said...

happy one year anniversary to you and your dar!=)

Copykate said...

annie: thank you! XD

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

kate dearie.. /bighugs. one year might seem little to lifelong commitment n rship, but it's a huge step forward for u guys!

So happy 2read how things went on for the both of u. Cheers to hikaru & kate!

much luv,
xx jess

Copykate said...

jess: thanks! not easy to be together for so long and still remain loving. LOL. *sobs*

Benjamin Chuah said...

wow.. nice and lovely post.. macam perkahwinan satu tahun je..

Copykate said...

ben: perkahwinan? lol as if. belum reach that tahap XD

sirei said...

yeah, this post feels like you're married. i don't know... :P

howzan said...

the day he met you was also the day i know you, right?

actually i don't know why i'm commenting..just felt obliged to.

probably because of higayru.

Copykate said...

sirei: aww u think so too? jeez. we aren't old married husband and wife! we are young passionate couple HAHAHAHA.

howzan: that's right! in fact i knew u both at the same time. lol. wtfreak higayru??? XD

aileng said...

awww so sweet can melt... >.<

Happie anniversary to the happie couple! And stay happily ever after :)

Copykate said...

ai leng: thankies! happily ever after? like fairy tale XD

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Aww.. this is so sweet!

This may be a lil late but congrats to you both :)

Copykate said...

jac: aww it's never too late. thanks! XD