Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Can't Get Enough of Transformers

After 2 years of long wait, Transformers is coming back to the big screen again!

Why do I want to watch it so badly, you asked?

Because I can’t have enough of Transformers! If I were granted a wish, I will turn half of the world’s population into Transformers robots. But of course, they must be good robots who can get along with us but not those evil machines that seek for world domination.

See? So cute right! Imagine half of the bloggers in Nuffnang will be robots, and the best thing is, they can transform themselves into cameras! Next time when we attend any events, just bring along a camera-robot partner! XD

What’s more, we can have Transformers pets! Upon my request, it will be transformed into a pendrive in which I save all my blogger drafts. I’m always having trouble looking for my pendrive, so a pendrive transformer pet should ease my problem.

But think about it, are robots allowed to date human beings? What will be the outcome?

Apart from that, robot kids will suffer some emotional turmoil during their childhood, as they are often accused for playing with themselves. Aww, poor kids.

Well, if I were the inventor of Transformers, I will make them all pink! But first I want to get a pink Transformer t-shirt. Hiak hiak.

See, that’s a pair of pink robots. How cute!

Pink hair dryer! So fabulous!

Pink truck! That robot girl is holding a pink comb some more! Hiak hiak.

Pink pony! Now you know what to shop for your new baby girl.

Pink motorbike! Who says pink stuff can’t be cool?

Pink battle car by sexy pink lady warrior. Weet~

And a vibrator! Wait, that’s not even pink but purple! Cannot cannot, I have to remake it! LOL.

I realized a lot of people out there (especially guys) can’t wait to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the sake of Megan Fox. I can totally understand this, because even the robot can’t help it!

This time only 30pairs will be given, and competition is surely tight! Wonder how I’m gonna get mine? Easy!

Thank you for the tickets! Love you Nuffnang! XD

Click here for more details on the premiere screening.


Hikaru said...

dat vibrator transform from 1 mushroom head become 3 head..wakakaka

Copykate said...

hik: omg 3 mushrooms head! LOL. it's amazing! XD

Richard Ling said...

haha.. this is interesting`

Copykate said...

richard: thanks. can't wait to get the ticket! teehee

stephy said...

lol at the vibrator. and the pink robot was awesome! i want one. XD

Copykate said...

stephy: i personally like the pink hair dryer! so fab XD

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. nice!
i like the masturbation - playing with yourself poster! LOL
and the vibrator.. lol..
the comic strips.. hahaha.. XD

Copykate said...

kenwooi: the masturbation poster so cute! kaka. vibrator got 3 head after it transformed! XD

john said...

u wanna use that vibrator? omg

Copykate said...

john: hmm. . nope. i was just saying. HAHAHAHAHA