Monday, May 21, 2007

Chasing Insects Off

I’ve received JPA letter this morning. It’s a big envelope with lotsa paper and booklet. Not much difference from the one from Matrik. And many column to be filled in. So irritating and troublesome! X( 2 years in INTEC UiTM and 3 years in USA. I thought it’s 1+4! Blabla, I took a calculator and counted the money provided over all, it’s only around RM 150, 000 over? I thought it’s at least three hundred thousands? If that’s the case, I can simply pay it off upon graduating instead of having to work for the government. LOL. But anyway, that can’t be accurate. And remember something I’m good at saying during interview? “I shall feel honoured to be able to work for the government.” Make my nation proud eh? XD

Kim told me that Chia Hui has gone to KL yesterday, which means our "driver" is gone! Sobz. . .

To recall what happened last night before I slept. A fly flew into my room and I tried to chase it out. It’s a really big fly, a big and stubborn head fly! It kept flying high above and rested on the light bulb. I got so fed up that I shouted “Get out of my room!” at it, but it didn’t seem to understand me. I wanted to throw something at it but after second though, it might damage my light bulb. Whatever. I ended up panting after the hide-and-chase. Finally I gave up. Off my light, sleep tight tight.

A similar case: Mum and sis tried to chase a dragonfly out of the house. Slippers on the fan. How funny XD

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