Sunday, May 3, 2015

KU DÉ TA @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

During my last trip to Singapore, I have finally managed to drag my friends to Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands!

Similar to Marini’s back home, Ku De Ta is located on the 57th floor at MBS. Enjoy the stunning 360 degrees view of Singapore while you are up there!

Cover charge of SGD38 applies for entry after 9pm on Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday. But the good news is, entrance for ladies is free! Sorry boys to have dragged all of you there and made you guys pay. LOL.

Didn’t manage to try out the restaurant as we arrived late (besides we were saving our tummy for midnight hawker seafood supper at Newton).  From what I read the restaurant there is not fine dining but casual dining that serves fusion food. We went to the club lounge which was crowded with tourists and expats (mostly ang moh).

Windy windy night. Glad that my outfit wasn’t too skimpy. I was already freezing the moment I stepped out there!

Most people are crowding at the balcony to admire the amazing night view. Get a table next to the balcony if you are lucky. There are usually people who come and go so we didn’t have a hard time securing ourselves some space.

The inside of the club lounge resembles every other typical club. DJ, dance floors and VIP sofas.

The cover charge they paid were entitled to one free drink. But how could we not open a bottle on such a beautiful night? Teehee.

Stunning view, good wine and great company ^^

The cheapest bottle is priced around SGD175 onwards. If you are looking to get champagne, be prepared to folk out double.

So mesmerized by the beauty of the concrete city.

Cheers to the pathway of success ~ See you guys again soon!

KU DÉ TA Singapore
Address: 1, Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971.
Tel: +65 6688 7688


henry tan said...

i like the last sentence! cheers for the pathway to success!

Your Finance Doctor

nicccchang said...

Wahh! Good life there! I heard that this place is quite expensive LOL!

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