Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Dinner at Lobsterman Homarus Americanus

On Christmas eve last year, instead of having the usual turkey or steak dinner, we opted for a full Lobster meal.

Located at the neighbourhood of SS2, Lobsterman is the only lobster specialty restaurant in Malaysia. Don’t be overdressed for the place as it is more like a casual neighbourhood restaurant from the inside.

At first the waiter ushered us to a table next to the aquarium. I chose to be seated next to the wine shelf instead. Too depressing to watch the lobsters swimming miserably waiting for their last moment.

Set meals are available on usual days but not on public holidays and eves. The lobsters are served in a variety cooking styles. The smallest portion is 500gm, but even that size was way too much for me.

  • 550gm RM98
  • 700gm RM118
  • 800gm RM128
  • 900gm RM138

Lobster Bisque. The waiter warned me that it was bitter. He was right. Too much of the lobster brain essence. Anyone who is used to eating prawn heads would have recognized that taste.

Half dozen of French Style Baked Escargots served with mushroom and garlic butter.

550gm Char-Broiled Lobster. 

Sweet tender lobster with its original flavor. It gets bland after a while though since I was having the whole damn lobster by myself. I would recommend you have your lobster served with any sauce toppings instead.

800gm Lobster Thermidor. Juicy lobsters meat accompanied by creamy and cheesy sauce *yums*

We were given melted butter for additional flavouring.

A tip for your future reference: do not order one whole lobster for yourself! (don’t listen to your boyfriend) If possible, go for their value set meal for 2 which I think is just the right portion.

OOTD on Christmas Day.

Christmas is an excuse to dress up as if it’s winter! Teehee.

A nice catch up session with Angela at Solaris.

December, what a joyful season.

Lobsterman Homarus Americanus
Address: 53, Jalan SS2/30,
SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 7877 6772

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