Sunday, June 23, 2013

[ADV] Pure Heal's by Hermo Beauty Collection

So you guys know I’ve just finished my exam recently but one thing you didn’t know, my face is in a bad condition throughout the last week of my exam! Not sure whether it’s due to my constant lack of sleep or the high level of stress. Got a few stubborn pimples here and there and they just wouldn’t disappear!

I know you’re probably thinking, I see your photos no pimples also.

*insert my flawless photo* lol

That’s cause I had this habit of touching up and filtering everything before posting XD

If I post up my unedited photo like this one everyone will probably get scared and unfollow me :(

Okay I think I've just lost a few followers. FML
Fine maybe I exaggerated a bit, my face is not that terrible but still, the pimples are visible.

Did some research to start hunting for beauty products during which I discovered a beauty website

It’s really awesome because they have deals for beauty brands like SK-II, Laneige, Biotherm, Kose, Naruko, Etude House, Pure Heal’s etc etc.

I clicked in and landed on Pure Heal’s page.

Pure Heal’s by Nature Village developed their products sticking to their philosophy of utilizing purely natural materials with no harmful chemical and no animal testing. Made in Korea, Pure Heal’s is one of the top brands of Hermo Beauty Collection.

Under Pure Heal’s there are 3 product lines – Anti-aging, Moisturizing & Anti-bacterial and Whitening.

Not really interested in the first two categories so I’m just gonna show you the Whitening Line products. Part of the reason is because the packaging is pink! LOL.

I got the Galactomyces 20 BB Cream 35g and Galactomyces Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml for myself.

Hermo’s flagship store concept enables you to purchase your beauty products from various brands at a discounted deal price!

If you have doubt, try comparing a brand which is accessible in Malaysia retail store, say for example Etude House. You will see that the prices listed on the website are indeed cheaper than the retail prices! ^^

Call me biased but I think Korea always makes the best beauty product especially BB cream!

Unintentionally squeezed more than I needed. The texture is really thick so I needed only a small amount (besides I don't have a big face, do I? LOL).

After basic skin care, apply the right amount of cream evenly over your skin.Unlike my usual BB cream, this one comes with tea tree oil scent which I find rather soothing. 

Tadah, my skin looks healthier and more glowy within seconds! 

The BB cream did a great job on my uneven skin tone by covering a majority of my pores, pimples and dark circles. Don’t really need to filter my photos after using the BB cream! 

The next thing I tried was the dual energy mask. It’s kinda different from the usual mask because this one comes with 2 parts.

First, you have to apply the Synergy Ampoule (the top part of the packet written ‘Step 1’) evenly after cleansing. Make sure you remove your make up and wash your face thoroughly. Better still, use a facial scrub. Tap on the face with fingertip gently so the ampoule can be absorbed.

Apply the sheet mask on your face after doing so and leave it for 10-20 minutes to absorb the active ingredients. I always leave my mask on for 20 minutes so it can absorb more XD

Similar to the BB cream, the mask has a rather strong tea tree oil scent like some aromatherapy oil. Really soothing and refreshing I felt like it was a facial mask + aromatherapy session. LOL.

Once you remove the mask, tap on your face gently again before applying your skin cream.
No worries because the mask is suitable for all skin types. 5 pieces for only RM70. The effects are brightening, whitening, revitalizing and anti-wrinkles.

So happy and satisfied because I can haz smooth, moisturized and glowing skin now ^^

Visit and get your beauty products at a discounted price! Oh oh, there’s free shipping if you purchase more than 2 products!

Stay pretty and healthy! xoxo

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