Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laundry Bar after A-Level's

Here are a few photos taken at Laundry Bar that night. I took some effort editing them so please scroll down and start admiring them k! Teehee.

All was well before the quarrel and argument took place.

Eyu looking silly as usual.

Classic Carbonara for 5-6 sharing.

Pasta makes me happy XD

Smoked salmon pizza! We ordered Pepperoni as well, but no photo cause it was ruined by we gluttons.

How come the guys in our group always dress up so shabbily? Please choose some nice attire for Tuesday hor! Don’t ever dare to wear as if you’re going to college!

Eyu and Ben being all lovey dovey. *geli*

Sai: Yeah check it out, I’m surrounded by the ladies!

Actually, the main point of the night was the cocktail, but they were served after the food. By the time, the idea of taking photos of the cocktails totally slipped past my mind. So sad, can’t show you the nice cocktails dy X(

A group photo before leaving the place. How often do you see Weiyi in our photos? That’s so rare right! Maybe we should paste Hunt in, that’d make it perfect! =)

p/s: I'll be updating often from now on, so please come back and check for my new posts k? Can't possibly survive without your support! Love you all! <3


cyrildason said...

=) Life is for living.... Glad to see you are enjoying urs.

Copykate said...

cyrildason: thanks! i'm living the way i want it to be =)

Kelvin said...

haha the "gay" pic is funny^^

Copykate said...

kelvin: nice right! i edited a shiny heart for them summore XD

zool said...

Hi,. First time visit this blog..
Your picture is too dark..
Can't really watch

Copykate said...

zool: they're too dark? oh noooo. look fine from my screen. probably the setting O.o