Saturday, January 5, 2008

Driving License

“You passed? Give bribes one ar?”

That was exactly what dad said when I told him that I passed my driving test!

Jess: Kate can actually drive!

Okay, except that she doesn’t call me Kate.

Wow, I passed my driving test! I did not knock the poles or fall from the hill! What a relief!

My road test examiner even lied to me that I GAGAL (fail)! It was then I refused to sign the paper until he forced me to do so. Only then he said LULUS (pass)! Jeez, my luck for getting a young and naughty polis. He isn’t married, but has a girlfriend. LOL. How many people actually dare to ask the JPJ guy such personal stuff? Don’t look at me like that! I DID NOT. It was Alicia, a girl whom I got to know there XD

The next day, I went to collect my driving license. It only took one day to get it done. So fast and efficient yea?

But, look what they’ve done to my photo! OMG the black dot above my brow! I can’t believe this! JPJ thinks I’m too pretty so they’ve decided to add a mole on my face??? That’s sooooooooooooooooo meannnnnnnnnnnn offfffffff themmmmmmm!!! Now everyone thinks I have a big mole on my forehead! Hmph!

Paste the “P” on my little kancil. Dad complaint that whenever he drives that car, people would try to overtake him. Which really frustrates him! XD

Should I paste my license here? To show everybody how ugly the driver is so they would stay 10feet away from me?


Jon Chu said...


should I disappear when I see a kancil? HAHAHA. just kidding. no offense. cuz I'm a P driver too.

Congrats! :) I understand how joyous it is to get ur license. :D

Kate said...

u prolly have to avoid my car if u ever happen to see me on the road coz i'm one hell of driver XD

the problem is, i'm always lazy to step on the brake. LOL

blindtape said...

LOL @ mole, looks like a huge one too. Anyways, congratulations! I mean the driving license lah. XD

Michael Song said...

congrats on ur license...

Seizhin said...


Reading this reminds me that I should learn how to drive. =\

Kate said...

a huge ugly mole, isn't it? X(

Kate said...

thankies! XD

Kate said...

seizhin, yes u should! even me the lil kid can drive now! lol