Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farewell French Programme

This post might come too late, consider that they've left INTEC; it might come too early though, since they aren't gonna leave Malaysia until this Sunday.

I don't care. I've gotta post this while the Internet is still working well.

The little farewell gift I've got for my friend. I know I'm really thoughtful and it's really fortunate to have me as a friend.

From My Tie Shop. Look close at the tie and you'll find it meaningful!
Nah, I even wrapped it. Oh ya, it's meant for Gareth=)
So we had a little farewell dinner at Secret Recipe. Chocolate Indulgence! No wonder my face is no longer oval but round X(
Figure how I used the bottles for self-timer.
I look cute. Love them pix XD

Oh well, this post is not meant to be self-centred! I'm supposed to express my sadness or whatever feeling you call it, seeing that my friend is gonna fly to France! "Oh no, you're gonna leave!" *sad sad* How about this?
Did I look sad enough?
Whatever XD
Good bye to Gareth and whoever from the French Programme. We really envy you guys for being able to leave this shithole and fly to the romantic land! Make sure you bring home some chocolate and perfume for me.
Take care. We'll miss you.

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