Saturday, January 14, 2017

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair & Pure Color Envy Matte

The term “Beauty Sleep” has a new and significant meaning in the modern days.

With the increasingly stressful lifestyle, many women, young and old alike are suffering from sleep deprivation. As much as we hate to admit, there is a strong correlation between a good night’s sleep and beautiful skin.

In 1982, Estée Lauder first launched its Night Repair. It was a revolutionary moment in skincare history during which the importance of night being the best time for skin repair was first emphasized. For the past 30 years, the world-renowned brand has continued to revolutionize night repair until to date, their “Little Brown Bottle” became one of the best-selling and best-performing products in Estée Lauder’s history.

Originally, the Night Repair was the first serum ever created in 1982 and the first skincare product to use Hyaluronic Acid. The texture, formula and technology of the Night Repair have remained unique ever since. Today, the new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II has 25+ patents and patents pending worldwide.

The skin repair products has proven to be effective, Estée Lauder sold over 4.7 million bottles in a year globally!

How to use this amazing product:
1. Apply a drop on each fingertip of one hand.
2. Touch fingertips of both hands together.
3. Massage serum over face and neck, starting at the centre outward.

Stick to this nightly ritual, and sooner or later you will find your skin condition smoother, younger and more radiant.

Meanwhile, check out this Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick from Estée Lauder.

Creamy, matte, intense and pout-provoking.

With merely one stroke, it saturates lips with undeniably daring matte colour!

I am using the crème matte lipstick in Neon Azalea colour. Other colour available:

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