Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Obligation to be Role Models

Scrolling through the public posts of celebrities, one would never fail to find not just one or two, but tonnes of negative and nasty comments from keyboard warriors/critics. Being a celebrity, especially a rich celebrity is tough. People always look up to you as a role model, a saint, an angel sent from the above to save the poor souls of the world. Regardless what you do, the world would never stop judging. They tend to have this mentality that your hard-earned money should be donated to the charities. The thing is, these people are not obliged to give back to the society. 

Don’t get me wrong, I totally support and admire those philanthropist who constantly make the world a better place. But if they choose to spend the money elsewhere, say on their own luxurious lives, it is absolutely their right and we are in no position to judge. 

If I were filthy rich, I can’t promise that I won’t splurge on the designer bags that I have always wanted, purchase a cruise just so I could go for ocean adventure and take instaworthy photos (despite the fact that I can’t swim XD), travel to all continents of the world to indulge in the diversities of cultures (and food!). I would probably donate part of my assets to the charities. 

But no matter how much the portion, it is never enough, because people would never cease judging based on one's lifestyle.

On days like this I ponder, if I were in their position, would I have given a damn on the opinions of the judgmental public? 

Anyway, here's some OOTD shots over the weekend. 

Denim jumpsuit paired with long-sleeves crew neck because it was a movie day
Shoes: TIGA Anaconda Embossed Trainer

The only downside to wearing a jumpsuit is when you have to pee
Oh the hassles T___T

Tory Burch Robinsons Tote

Studs necklace which made the overall less preppy

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Absolute Yana said...

Looking good... True... no one is obligated to please anyone...