Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Visit to the National Museum, Malaysia (Muzium Negara)

If you are bored of dining, shopping, movie – the typical weekend activities in the city, here’s an idea for you – visit the National Museum!

Located at Jalan Damansara, Muzium Negara is opened daily from 9am – 6pm. Entrance fee is RM2 by presenting your Malaysian IC, whereas tickets for foreigners are priced at RM5.

Knew I would be asked to show my IC cause I was dressed exaggerated like a tourist LOL.

It was an extremely hot afternoon and I regretted bringing along my thick blazer :( Be sure to dress casual when you visit the museum. Unless you intend to snap plenty of artistic and culturally infused OOTD in the museum like me la XD

The National Museum is consists of 4 galleries:

Gallery A: Sejarah Awal – Prehistoric gallery where you could see stones and stones and more stones. And some replica skulls. The stone age was probably one of the first things we learnt during Sejarah in high school

Gallary B: Kerajaan – kerajaan Melayu – The Malay Empire during which the Sultan held the ultimate power at each state. A lot of keris and vintage coins on display

Gallery C: Era Kolonial – The Colonial Era during which our country was under the Portugese, Holland, British and Japanese’s colonies

Gallery D: Malaysia Kini – The Modern Malaysia which mostly exhibits information related to our Independence in 1957, the forming of Malaysia, the kickout of Singapore and even some stories of the communist party

Spotted a piggy-looking carved stone at one of the galleries.

I resemble a witch here wtf.

Appreciating history, preserving cultures.

Didn’t manage to capture that many photos because it was quite hot and humid inside. It was barely an hour inside and we were fatigued and dehydrated already (remember to bring along a water bottle!). There was a vending machine (RM1 only for one can of drink or 1 bottle of mineral water, cheap!) but it was outside the museum and if you go out you probably need to repurchase an entrance ticket.

Still, we managed to cover all 4 galleries and wrapped up our visit. Learning the history in the museum is definitely more fun than reading through history textbooks. The museum exhibits were not exactly superb, but overall it was quite well-maintained. For the minimal price of RM2, I would strongly encourage everyone to pay a visit at least once in a lifetime if you have never stepped foot into it.

Muzium Negara
Address: Jalan Damansaram,
50566 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 2267 1111

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