Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Perks of Being Single

1. Weekends are well spent sleeping in and reflecting on your own life.

2. Money saved on birthday, anniversary, valentine gifts.

3. No matching bra and underwear? Who cares? The only person who ever wants to see it is the girl in the mirror after all.

4. One less worry off the chart - no need to get yourself concerned on where he’s going, who he hangs out with and why he isn’t home when the clock strikes 12.

5. No more obligations to reply one specific person’s texts at all times.

6. Gone are the days when someone wakes up complaining about not having even a quarter of the blanket.

7. No more feeling guilty for having one-on-one dinner with your guy friends anymore.

8. Don’t have to shave your legs anymore since no one is gonna brush against them anyway.

9. No one will nag you for eating too much. Or too little. In fact no one cares if you eat at all! Yay :(

10. Finally, some time to hang out with friends whom you don’t usually bother seeing when you are attached.

1 comment:

bacterium said...

it seems you have some really weird ex(s).

being single is fun until.. when all your friends are married already and you are the odd one out.