Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Men's Shitty Excuses in Avoiding a Committted Relationship

When you know that a man really likes you, but does not like you enough to be in a committed relationship with you, there could be only 2 explanations:

a. He has not played around enough.

b. You really aren’t the one.

The silliest mistake that we girls often make is thinking that the problem lies with us.

Maybe he feels that I am not pretty?

Maybe I should lose some weight?

Maybe I should be more attentive to his needs?

Maybe he will like me if I allow him more space?

Maybe I am not good enough for him?

Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! A man who does not like you for who you are now will never learn to like you no matter what changes you are willing to sacrifice for his sake.

There is really no need to change anything just to make him fall for you because that will never ever happen.

Wake up girl, he does not want to be with you. Maybe he seems interested at times. You can’t tell. That’s because he doesn’t mind keeping you around while waiting for that dream girl to appear in his life.

Some shitty excuses a man could give for not wanting to be involved in a committed relationship:

1. I don't think I am ready to be in a committed relationship (and he didn’t even bother with the explanation)

2. I need to focus on building my career (most commonly used excuse! the next thing you realize he is holding another girl’s hand)

3. I have been in a bad relationship. I am afraid of getting hurt again (c’mon, we all have had our shares of heartbreaking past! Don’t play the sympathetic game :/)

4. I think you deserve someone better than me (aww, don’t be fooled sweetie, that’s just his polite way of indirect rejection. He does not want to be with you, and he means it!)

5. Sorry I will be too busy at work to reply your text (A man who cares would have keep you updated while he is at the loo)

6. I don’t wanna get married until I am 35 (you are simply not part of his future)

7. I am the type who will never get married (he's a fcking liar)

8. Maybe one day, but not now (maybe one day, one day when he gives up his hopes of meeting someone better)

Forget about how much he says he misses you and how he utters those sweet words that linger on your mind.  Don’t even begin your wistful thoughts of him being the father of your child. Think about the ugly truth, the truth that he really isn’t that into you.

You deserve someone better.

One last cheongsam photo of the year just so I could complete this post.

p/s: I am not bitter :P


Anonymous said...

True. Your friend is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

To be fair. It happens with both girls and guys. I hope your heartbreak will get better.

Copykate said...

Thanks for the comforting words, guys. I am not suffering from any broken heart though. And I wasn't referring to any asshole when I drafted this post. Lol

Anonymous said...

I dated a friend of yours. He did just that, broke his promises, blamed me for being wrong. I thought I was not good enough. But no, he didn't love me enough. I loved him with all my heart. He was my everything while I was only an option. Hurts like hell. What have I done wrong? :(